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Sunday, 23 September 2012

SRS - Closing Status 21 Sep

Invested into CDL Hospitality Trusts (CDL HTrust) 5 lots this week under SRS portfolio when its share price weakened slightly.  Its dividend yield is at 5.30%; which is not great but not that really bad. I did not hold on to it but selling it all away for a 0.82% yield as l was unsure whether its share price is able to go above $2 mark.

I have also sold off Hutchison Port Hldg Trust (SGD) 8 lots.  Hoping to get into HPH Trust again at below 86 cents.  

With both CDL H Trust and HPH Trust now gone so l can actually re-invest the funds.  I reckon you are actually making the SRS funds working much harder with each time of investment and divestment within very short time period, at a gain.  Having "paid" some expensive lessons (FSL Trust, Foreland Fabrictech) under Cash portfolio, the prospective stocks need to be good fundamental companies.    

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$2,289 Total Returns as of 14 Sep

+$179 Gains from sales of CDL HTrust and HPH Trust

+$461 Unrealised positions improved

+$2,929 Total Returns as of 21 Sep

previous posting :- SRS - Closing status 14 Sep

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