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Started stocks investments many years back, without proper tracking and care.  Active investing started from 23 Sep 2011 but for ease of accounting, l have back dated the starting point of my stock investing to 1st Jan 2011. l have very little knowledge of technical analysis and charting. I only know of bank savings accounts, fixed deposits and pure stock market investing. I have no knowledge of any other forms of investments - ETF, hedging, etc. My investing journey is really rough, tough and not following any investment style or models .... it's very personalized.

DOB : 1968

Qualification : a normal degree in BBA (l have average brain haha...)

I am working in Finance section and as a Contract staff.   So l am cannot enjoy many benefits which a normal full time employee usually gets (i.e. dental allowance, bonus, health screening, etc etc). l am now jobless as my previous company decided not to further renew my contract.  l will take whatever jobs coming my way.  No retrenchment or redundancy benefits for Contract staff. As l am approaching 50 l am not at all really pleased with my achievement, money-wise.   l have a low paying job as a contract worker and l am getting older so l am less energetic now in terms of alertness.   l am taking each new day in my own stride now.

House type : HDB 5 rooms, fully paid

Car : cannot afford

Maid : cannot afford

Parents allowances : l am giving monthly allowance to my mom; my wife is doing the same for her mom

Household expenses – telephone bills, water and electricity, stocking up foods for the fridge, rice, oil, replacement for wear and tear household items :- everything l will settle

Wife : works in a bank in the support role function, always got bullied by new and old colleagues but she knows some office politic skill to survive, she pays the children tuition fee which have been a very heavy burden

Two sons (very heavy "maintenance" on tuition fees, medical etc).


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