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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cash - Closing Status 19 Oct

I have invested into 2nd Chance 11 lots this week under Cash portfolio, one day before its latest financial results released.

Initially l have intended to keep and selling it at an exit selling price for a profit to be same as dividend rate of $0.038.  But sensing that the overall share markets are generally under pressure because of disappointing earnings results so l did not hesitate giving up 2nd Chance in the same week itself.

2nd Chance is a good company to invest in.  It has a diverse business profiles - property rental, gold, wearing apparel and investment dealing.  It has succession plan in placed so there is no worry of business disruption if anyone in the management team becomes unavailable suddenly. It is not exposed to weak economic countries in the Europe and increasingly high business costs market like China. Businesses are in Singapore and Malaysia so any quick management decisions become easier and quick to execute. Its financials are not that great but l reckon companies having similar businesses as 2nd Chance will have such and almost similar financials.  After all, 2nd Chance have been around since 1975 so it is quite a stable company.

Will re-invest into 2nd Chance again when its share price weakens.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$726 Total Returns as of 28 Sep

+$52 Gains on sales of 2nd Chance

-$483 Unrealised positions worsened

+$295 Total Returns as of 19 Oct

previous posting :- Cash - Closing Status 28 Sep

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