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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cash - Closing Status 16 Nov

This week under Cash portfolio l have invested into First Reit 3 lots.  If First Reit is able to maintain annual dividend rate approximately of $0.0701 next year the dividend yield will be at 6.9%.  And l can comfortable assure myself that l can still expect a dividend yield of 5% if for some reasons (due to forex risks from South Korea hospital, etc.) the dividend rate is reduced significantly by say, 25%.  Other than forex risks in USD rental from South Korea hospital, Indonesia properties rentals are pegged to SGD so there is no forex risks at all.  Its sponsor, Lippo Karawaci has 17 hospitals in the pipeline so l can expect First Reit to continue acquiring more Indonesia hospitals going forward.

Also added CDL Hospitality Trusts 2 lots this week under Cash portfolio.  Its share price ended the week much weaker from the price level l have committed on it.  Per my invested funds in it then l can expect a dividend yield of 5.98% based on recent annual dividend rate of $0.1141.   I do expect its DPU to be lowered slightly going forward due to slower Singapore economy and forex risks; and also resulting from resources channeled into developing the EC site in Sengkang West.  l am still able to get a dividend yield of 5%  even when CDL HTrust reduces its dividend rate by say, 15% in 2013.

In a weak economy (local and world) conditions, almost all businesses will face difficulty improving both top and bottom lines performance and hence maintaining and increasing dividends payout will be a great challenge.  Nevertheless l reckon it is still okay to continue investing (and trading) into companies with healthy balance sheet and cash flow as you can expect them not to go belly up in the near future.    

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

-$734 Total Returns as of 9 Nov

-$667 Unrealised positions worsened

-$1,401 Total Returns as of 16 Nov

previous posting :- Cash - Closing Status 9 Nov

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