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Monday, 5 November 2012

Investing status 2 Nov

Started my active investing on 23 Sep 2011 week and it is already one year and a month in the 2 Nov 2012 week.

This week my total realized achievement finally hit the $10k mark at $10,257.

Biggest help is coming from SRS portfolio which contributed $4,757; mainly from divestment gains.  So, is trading better and investing for dividend yield?

There were much lesser activities on CPF portfolio but it is the next big contributor at $3,387; mainly from dividends received.  So, is investing for dividend yield better than trading?

I am much disappointed with Cash portfolio as it brought in the least at $2,113; all of it from dividends received.  Trading is big letdown because of very costly investment strategies errors happened.

Both investing for dividend yields and short term investing (trading) have their merits and they complement one another to let me achieve my $10k mark on total realized amount.  

Realized amount at $446 per month as l have back dated my investment calendar to start from 01.01.2011.  But if using active trading basis (of one year and one month duration) then my Realized amount will be at $789 per month.  

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