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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Advance dividends on CDL Hospitality Trusts

On CDL Hospitality Trusts, l have overlooked the fact that l have already collected its dividends in advance which is expected to XD in Feb'13 at the estimated dividend rate of $0.0571.

On CDL HTrust and after its XD date in Aug'12, l have several times of re-investments into it using both Cash and SRS of lot sizes between 2 lots to 5 lots. 

Per estimated dividend rate $0.0571 and for its next XD date in Feb'13, l was hoping to receive dividends between $114 to $286 on 2 lots to 5 lots of investment into it.

Total dividends collected to-date is $293.  On 2 lots, this is 2.6 times or 156% of advance dividends collected.  And on 5 lots, it is the expected advance dividends l was hoping to achieve.

My investment style is to always selling away stocks whenever they are already in profit status. This is akin to trading but trading is not really the original intent.  The many times of re-investments on CDL HTrust were necessary because there were too many uncertainties in the world economy, politics, etc. and also the stock market was sort of moving sideways.  By many times of re-investments l am actually making my available funds working much harder to get the advance dividends.


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