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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Spiltting headache over Olam and Wilmar

I am in quite a dilemma with both Olam and Wilmar shares in my CPF portfolio.  Both were purchased in Nov 2010 and are in paper losses positions.  As of 19 Dec, combined paper losses are at $8.2k or 72% of total paper losses under CPF portfolio. 

Their share prices are taking baby steps improvement and l do not think it is possible for them to go back up to the share prices levels during Nov 2010 time.  So, l will have to bite the bullet soon as their share prices are showing some improvement now.  It’s now or never?  Or should l wait further, into 2013?  Decisions, decisions, decisions ......


  1. Ha! Ha!
    It's now or never or waiting for the durain to fall, both are possible. So are all the other stocks. It's all depends on Mr. Market not what you or anybody think.

    1. best durians are the ones fell off to the ground. If l plucked it off from tree then it is surely not ripe yet. so on durian, there is only one possible outcome but it is different on stocks.

      yes, mr market can be quite unpredictable. on wilmar and olam, l will likely to liquidate one of these bad investments really soon at a huge loss.



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