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Friday, 18 January 2013

Advance dividends from Mapletree Logistics

Mapletree Logistics just released its Qtr 3 results and announced a dividend rate of $0.0172 which XD on 23 January.  l have invested into it for 5 lots under SRS portfolio in Dec'12 and have divested it all away in the same week at a nett gain of $90.  If l am still keeping it till its XD date on 23 Jan then l will get a dividend amount of $86 (5 lots x $0.0172).  So this is in a way l have already got paid in advance on its dividends back in Dec'12.

That's the beauty of setting an exit selling price, by equating its nett gain to a future dividends.  Not only you get paid in advance on dividends but you can re-invest on the proceeds too.  This way l am making the money work harder and sensibly.  

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