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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cash - a quick snapshot 31 Dec

For my Cash portfolio in 2012, l have made two sales and purchases orders errors due to incorrect orders entered.  Managed to divest on sales which was incorrectly entered as purchase at break even; but have to suffer -$322 on purchase which was incorrectly entered as sales.

I have paid $7,673 as investment lessons which were due to bad investments made.

Because of the placing orders mistakes and bad investments made so l have ended 2012 at -$1,035 versus $1,187 nett gain in 2011 on investments and divestments activities.  l am hoping not to get into these costly mistakes again in 2013.

Dividends collected was much higher in 2012 at $2,034 comparing to $682 in 2011.  

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