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Saturday, 5 January 2013

CPF - a quick snapshot 31 Dec

In year 2012, total dividends collected was at $1,266 which was almost par with year 2011 (at $1,217). 

My investments and divestments activities generated -$1,855 in year 2012 versus 2011 (at -$58) which was mainly due to a write-off at a loss of $3,075 on a bad investment made in 2010.  If not for this write-off then l would ended 2012 at a nett gain of $1,220 (-$1,855 + $3,075) on investment and divestments activities.  As though l have a crystal ball but l already know that l will have another big write-off in this year (2013) which is also due to another bad investment made in 2010.   

The write-off at a loss of $3,075 was a blessing in disguise as the paper loss status improved from -$15,860 in 2011 to -$7,789 as year end of 2012.

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