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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Muslim Missionary Society Singapore

Donated $50 to  Muslim Missionary Society Singapore this evening.


Muslim Missionary Society Singapore (Jamiyah Singapore) has been engaged in community services since its inception in 1932. This is the 78th year of its services to the community and the nation and mankind. Jamiyah singapore is a Non-Profit and Charitable Organisation .Its services are open to all regardless of race or religion. Its services are focused in the area of education , welfare and community outreach programmes.Its projects include:

Education: Jamiyah Kindergarten, Jamiyah Childcare centre, Global Child Development Centre, Jamiyah Business School, Jamiyah Morl Education Services

Welfare Homes: Jamiyah Children's Home, Jamiyah Home for the Aged, Jamiyah Halfway House, Jamiyah Nursing Home.

Community Out-reach Programmes: Jamiyah Welfare Services, Free Medical Clinic, Free Legal Clinic, Women and Youth Programme, Jamiyah Counselling Centre.

Inter-racial Harmony Programmes: Organising seminars, conference, workshops,special talks exhibition and exchange programes for promoting inter faith and inter racial harmony. Touch of harmony programme of Jamiyah has been launched since 2004 as a platform for promoting peace and harmony among youth at global level.

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