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Saturday, 16 March 2013

CPF - Closing Status 15 Mar

Finally sold away Olam 3 lots under my CPF portfolio this week at a huge loss of $4,474.  This was an investment mistake made in my earlier investment years which was based on rumour mill (or better known as tips).  The huge loss is very painful to bear but l prefer not to keep it bothering me now that l have got rid of it.

Olam is a growth stock and from it l must always remember to be very careful when considering investing into any other growth stocks.  When a growth stock is in a paper loss status then there is almost no income stream from its dividends; so it becomes a very bad investment decision made particularly in a bear market or when its share price heavily underperformed in a bull market.

I have divested SIA Engineering 2 lots from my CPF portfolio this week for a profit of $122.  For 9M2013, both revenue and profit were almost at par to previous year.  Last year there was an exchange gain of $7.5 mil but in this year it recorded an exchange loss of $2.1 mil.  There is no borrowings as of 9M2013.   I think it is a good deal to invest into SIA Engineering expecially when its dividend yield is at 4.6%Its next XD is in May'13 so l will re-invest into it when its share price weakens in the coming weeks or months.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-
-$5,622 Total Returns as of 8 Mar

-$4,352 Total Net Loss from sales of Olam (loss -$4,474) and SIA Engg (profit $122)

+$3,630 Unrealised positions improved

-$6,343 Total Returns as of 15 Mar

previous journals :- CPF - Closing Status 8 Mar

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