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Saturday, 16 March 2013

SRS - Closing Status 15 Mar

GRP went XD this week and its intraday stock price was $0.30 - $0.315.  Based on 21 lots holding in GRP under my SRS portfolio, l would have booked a loss between $902 - $588 if have sold it all away after it went XD.  But l would have collected dividend amount of $1,050 per its dividend rate of $0.05.  So if l have sold it away after XD then my nett profit (dividend collected less divestment loss) would be between $148 - $462.  But alas, l did not have the courage to face the unknown on what its stock price will be after XD so l have sold it all away before it went XD for a profit of $148.  At Friday's closing bell, there are :- Sell 334 lots at $0.315 vs Buy 25 lots at $0.305.  At half time, GRP results were mixed whereby revenue was flat and profit was higher; positive operating cash flow but lower vs comparative period; healthy current ratio. Will re-invest into GRP if its share price weakens to around $0.23 - $0.26.

Invested into SembCorp Industries 2 lots this week under my SRS portfolio.  Its share price continue to weakens since it reported two weeks ago of a 7% drop in profit.  Its share price ought to stabilize soon, l hope.  Marine segment will continue to weigh down on its overall profit but SembCorp is not the only company facing with margin squeeze challenge.  SembCorp Industries has other business segments which will either cushion its overall profit fall or improving on its overall profit.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$5,577 Total Returns as of 8 Mar

+$148 Gain on sales of GLP

+$175 Unrealised positions improved

+$5,900 Total Returns as of 15 Mar

previous posting :- SRS - Closing status 8 Mar

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