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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Cash - Closing Status 19 Apr

This week for my Cash portfolio l have decided to divest Duty Free 3 lots at break even.  I have not changed my view of its investment worthiness but it's just because l am trying to re-enter into it at slightly lower price level.

l have pared down on my holding in UMS by 45 lots this week.  Decided to do so because l was thinking of re-investing into it at lower price level.  Seems that l have got wrong as its share price moved higher instead; possibly due to its CD status at the moment.

Invested into SPH 1 lot this week under Cash portfolio.  Its share price crashed from its recent 52 weeks high of $4.68 (on 11 Apr) to lowest price level of $4.22 (on 17 Apr) this week due to its poor
Qtr 2 results - Revenue -6% and Profit -15%.   l certainly think it is a knee jerk reaction and present a good opportunity to get into SPH on a pullback on its share price.

Also this week l have invested into SGX 1 lot.  It posted double results for Qtr 3 - Revenue +17%, Profit +26%.  The various initiatives and collaborations happened in Qtr 3 alone are attestation of SGX's vigor to place itself in a higher level of playing field and hence pulling itself ahead of other world's exchanges.  Forget about Manchester United failed IPO listing here as there are many more big names coming our way with SGX relentless efforts and emphasize of more rigor with compliance of certain rules and regulations of its listed companies.  There is possibility of Formula One going for IPO here.  There is great revenue to come in SGX's way so it's a great company to invest in.  It is going XD on 22 April so time being l have divested my holding in it in the same week for a nett gain of $31; which is 76% of the total dividend amount payable on 2 May but l have already collected it in advance now.  Will re-invest into SGX at lower price level.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$2,000 Total Returns as of 12 Apr

+$115 Gain on sales of Duty Free, UMS and SGX

-$422 Unrealised positions worsened

+$1,693 Total Returns as of 19 Apr

Previous posting :-  Cash - Closing Status 12 Apr

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