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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Cash - Closing Status 19 July

Added Far East Hospitality Trust 5 lots in this week under Cash portfolio before it went XD on 18 July.  So my total holding in it now at 6 lots and l can expect dividend amount of $114 = 6 lots x $0.019 when it is paid out on 11 Sept.  The dividend amount of $114 is equivalent to 2.0% returns based on my investment costs in it.  Meanwhile l have a choice of continue holding onto the 6 lots till its share price break even which is when l can divesting it all away in order to free up available funds for investment opportunities or continue keeping it as passive income investment.  The latter will happen when its share price stays below break even  and l am forced to participate into passive income investment; but it's will be a good problem to have due to its dividend yield which is way above bank fixed deposit rate at an invested funds of under $6k. 

Invested into First Reit 4 lots.  Its rental on Indonesia properties are pegged to SGD currency so there is no forex volatility issue.  However its rental in South Korea is in USD currency but it is only for one property so there is very little forex impact.  Earliest lease renewal is in year 2017 for a nursing home property in Singapore; after this, next property up for renewal will be in year 2021 so, there is stable stream of income for First Reit in the next eight years.  If its share price going south further then l will have good problem to deal with; l will be forced to participate into passive income investment which generates 5.9% returns based on my investment costs in it.  But if its share price improve and generates a returns better than bank deposit rate above 1% then l will liquidate all of it away so that (1) l can enjoy an accelerated passive income investment (2) l can move my funds into other investment opportunity.

Invested into CDL Hospitality Trusts (CDL HTrust) 2 lots in this week under Cash portfolio.  It has been close to one month now that CDL HTrust keeps trending its 52 weeks low share price level.  Will its share price going further lower from here.  No one can actually tell.  But any lower share price level is limited gut feeling wise.  Based on my investment costs in it and if l am stuck with this investment then l can expect a 6.7% returns.

Re-invested into Sin Ghee Huat 1 lot.  Just a very small investment into this company which is a distributor of stainless steel products.  It has a challenging business outlook at the moment but kind of defensive as it is quite spread out into five segments :- marine and shipbuilding, oil and gas and petrochemicals, building and construction, machining and processing, and trading and others.

Added Suntec Reit 1 lot so my total holding in it now at 6 lots.  l have a sinking feeling that l dumping funds into a sinkhole, at the moment.  This additional 1 lot investment already generating -2.0% returns as of Friday closing price.  Suntec Reit will be a forced passive income investment stock for me.  Based on Qtr 2 DPU 2.249 cents and my investment costs in it (at $11k) so l can expect an annual returns of 4.9% or $540 annual dividends.

Decided investing into Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust (Magic) 1 lot in this week.  Its current share price is around 2.7% above its IPO price so what could be better time to invest into it than now.  Based on my investment costs in it l can expect a 5.5% returns.

For my cash portfolio this week l have also invested into Frasers Centrepoint Trust  (FrasersCT)  1 lot.  With an increasing DPU in each calendar year it's certainly worth investing into FrasersCT especially when its share price is only 8.1% away from its 52 weeks low.  Using 2Q13 DPU and based on my investment costs in it l can expect 5.8% returns.

Divested all of my holding in Loyz Energy 15 lots in this week for a gain of $269 or 5.5% based on my investment costs in it.  Of course l did not manage to sell at its intra-week high price but 5.5% returns in just one week of investment is really sweet which is really due to good luck.

Received dividends from SingPost in this week of $375.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$2,195 Total Returns as of 12 July

+$375 Dividends from SingPost

+$269 Gain on sales of Loyz

-$569 Unrealised positions worsened

+$2,271 Total Returns as of 19 July

Previous posting :-Cash - Closing Status 12 July


  1. Hi

    Do you hv a plan to even out the reits and other blue chips tona certain percentage or do you hv other strategy?


    1. no, l do not follow any investment strategy. also, i do not set a certain percentage on the mix. i am trying to stay invested in any market conditions so my choice of stocks to invest in will be different from time to time. one lesson l have learnt on blue chip is that once you are stuck in them high and dry when invested into them at wrong timing of high price and hence getting low dividend yield; in comparison to getting stuck with reits and hence getting a much higher dividend yield. l have seen many comments everywhere saying that blue chips price recovery is faster so, until that price recovery comes eventually, the blue chip investor will get very little passive income time being - to me, this can be very tough on one's life when other family members could be affected as well. just my two cents worth. care to share your investment or trading strategy?



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