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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cash - Closing Status 23 August

Invested into First Reit 2 lots in this week under Cash portfolio.  But in the same week l have divested it away for nett gain of $49.  Using last year as a guide, next dividend will XD on 31 October and dividend payment to happen on 29 Nov for dividend rate of $0.0168.   If l have invested and hold then l can expect dividend amount at $34 but the nett gain for divesting it away in this week was at a higher amount (2 lots x dividend rate $0.0168 x 1.47 times).  And l  have already collected its dividend instead of waiting for its payment date, earlier by three months.  Also l have freed up available funds for other investment opportunities.

Increased my holding in SingPost 1 lot in this week under Cash portfolio.  Cost management is key element to watch as Qtr 1 higher revenue was quickly eroded by it.  Hopefully it can quickly finding synergies among its businesses especially from recently acquired ones.  Also, with 7th consecutive quarter of domestic mail volume decline so it clearly shows the need for it to (tactfully) continue with its transformation journey.

In this week for my Cash portfolio, l have invested into AIMS AMP Industrial Reit 1 lot.  Based on my investment costs in it l am looking forward for an annual dividend yield of around 7.1%.   Also, for the next quarter, AIMS AMP expects additional rental income from the completed phase II of 20 Gul Way and this will boost distributions further.

Increased my holding in Keppel Reit 1 lot in this week under Cash portfolio. So my total holding in it now at 3 lots.  Reasonably good annual dividend yield of 5.9%.
Invested into Rickmers Maritime 18 lots for Cash portfolio in this week.  Reasonably good 2Q13 results.  Fleet utilization was at 99.7% in 2Q13.  It continue to successfully deleverage resulting in a stronger balance sheet.   Freight rate restoration started in July and a further freight increase have happened in August.  Assuming annual dividend rate maintained at US$0.024 then l can expect a 11% yield.

Got into Asian Pay TV 4 lots under Cash portfolio before it went XD in this week.  Investment amount of $3.5k in it is not so significant but l will certainly looking forward to a 10.3% dividend yield from it.  

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$1,891 Total Returns as of 16 Aug

+$49 Gain on sales of First Reit

-$1,734 Unrealised positions worsened

+$206 Total Returns as of 23 Aug

Previous posting :-Cash - Closing Status 16 Aug

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