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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Is owning credit card a bad thing?

Never underestimate what great savings credit cards have to offer.  Own as many credit cards you want but immediately making payment to them once an expense is charged to it.  In this way, you get to accumulate the points or cash rebates and at the same time you are freeing up yourself of credit card debts.  Making credit card payment is so easy nowadays - via AXN, ATM machine, self service Cash Deposit Machine (for Citibank), online banking (my personal favorite). 

Owning as many credit cards as you want is necessary as each has its own merits --> for discounts, cash rebates, etc.  But do remember to make payment to them immediately or as soon as possible (within 1-2 days); which will ensure that you keep a clean record with the credit bureau.  On this point, credit card companies from time to time offer free gifts when you signing up credit cards with them so it's not worth keeping to the same plastic for many years.

Like a broken record l would like to remind again, "please making payment on the expense which you have charged to your credit card, immediately".  So, go ahead - own and swipe your credit cards "freely" and enjoy the savings.

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