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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Let's party all the way?

Rejoice!  Stocks prices are improving but the upward swing is simply too fast and l am certain it surprises everyone.  So, when there was so much fear in the market in the last few days, what have you be doing then?  Stay invested or busy cutting losses?

Will the (bull) party continuing tomorrow and into next week(s)?  Go ahead and make your guesses.   Meanwhile just enjoy the ongoing party. 

As for me, l have been busy with capital preservation at the moment i.e. lock-in profits.  l will not subscribe to the idea of cutting losses as a way of capital preservation especially whilst the stock market is correcting.  Probably this is an odd way of capital preservation as l am certain it is not a method or strategy in any investment or trading books.  Also, l have never experience or suffer seller’s remorse before. 

However it does not mean that l am only busy lock-in profits at moment.  Need to stay invested (in any bull or bear market situation) so l have made some new investments as well today.

There are no short on both nice and nasty surprises in every corner of the stock market.   Soon someone will come along to hype about  historical market crashes during October month, US debt ceiling etc etc 

Must remember to preserve investment capital and building up your war chest.

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