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Saturday, 21 September 2013

SRS - Closing status 20 September

Sold away Rickmers Maritime 18 lots in this week for $120 nett profit or 2.4% returns after close to one month of holding in it.  Its next dividend will XD in Nov'13 and dividend payment will happen either in Nov'13 or Dec'13 and dividend rate likely same as previous year at USD 0.006.  Using these assumptions so l can expect dividend amount of $135 = 18 lots x USD 0.006 x fx rate (estimate) 1.25.  The $120 nett gain is $15 short from the expected dividend but l have no complain as l have already collected its dividend in advance.  Looking forward to re-invest into it again.

Divested Mapletree Commercial Trust 2 lots in this week under SRS portfolio at a nett gain of $33 or yield of 1.4% based on my investment costs in it. Assuming that its next dividend is having same XD date as last year in Nov'13 and also same dividend rate $0.01546 then the $33 nett gain is almost par to the expected dividend amount of $31 = 2 lots x dividend rate $0.01546. And l have already collected its dividend in advance in this week rather then waiting for its payment date in Nov'13.

Also divested Cache Logistics 7 lots in this week.  My holding period in it was for only one week for a $125 nett gain or 1.5% returns. If l hold it till its next XD around end of Oct'13 and its dividend payment date around end Nov'13 then l can expect to collect dividend amount $150 = 7 lots x dividend rate $0.02144 (assumed same as last year).  The $125 nett gain is lower than the expected dividend amount of $150 but l am not having any seller's remorse as l can already use the proceeds as my war chest for other investment opportunity.

Increase my position in Asian Pay TV 3 lots in this week so l have total holding of 6 lots now. It is now my 5th largest holding under SRS portfolio at 10%.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$5,717 Total Returns as of 13 Sept

+$278 Gain on sales of Mapletree Commercial, Cache Logistics, Rickmers

+$2,139 Unrealised positions improved

+$8,134 Total Returns as of 20 Sept

previous posting :- SRS - Closing status 13 Sept

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