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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Cash - Closing Status 11 October

Invested into Tee International 5 lots in this week before it went XD on 9 October. It has been paying an increasing dividend every year. Dividend rate for 2013 at $0.0315 which translates to a yield of 9.3% on the last closing price this week of $0.34 (year 2012 : dividend rate $0.0235, yield 6.9%; year 2011 : dividend rate $0.0225, yield 6.6%; year 2010 : dividend rate $0.022, yield 6.5%; year 2009 : dividend rate $0.012, yield 3.5%). 

Invested into Thai Village 1 lot in this week under Cash portfolio.  It pays dividend rate $0.007 to $0.009 in the last four financial years representing 6.1% to 7.9% dividend yield on the latest and last closing price in this week of $0.114.  Management staff holds around 55% shareholding in it.  It is likely to declare a dividend rate within the range in the last four financial years when reporting its second half year results in Nov'13. 
Added Ascendas India Trust 3 lots so my total holding of it now at 4 lots.  2Q2014 results will be announced on 25 October  and it is likely to report a flat results from the previous quarters in Indian Rupee terms.  l think l can expect dividend rate to go lower slightly due to unfavorable currency movements but dividend yield likely to stay above 5% at full time.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$3,674 Total Returns as of 4 October

+$603 Unrealised positions improved

+$4,277 Total Returns as of 11 October

Previous posting :-Cash - Closing Status 4 Oct

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