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Sunday, 27 October 2013

SRS - Closing status 25 October

Increase my position in Asian Pay TV 5 lots in this week so l have total holding of 8 lots now under SRS portfolio.  At the moment, l can expect 11.0% dividend yield for my 8 lots holding in it.   Towards the final hours on this Friday's close, its share price got hammered down suddenly and this can only be the works of traders wanting to earn quick profits.  l have the intention to adding more of it to my holding if its share price weakens further, again.

Divested away Mapletree Industrial 5 lots in this week by using the dividend declared as my exit selling price.  It goes XD on 28 Oct but for this week's divestment which was for a nett gain of $139 then this can be considered as collecting its dividends in advance which is 12% higher than the dividend declared ---> 5 lots x dividend rate $0.0247 x 112% = $139.   

Invested into Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust 5 lots in this week.  Its current share price is already below its IPO price $0.93 but still above its post-IPO low of $0.83.   Based on my investment costs in it l can expect annual dividend yield of 6.0%.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$7,966 Total Returns as of 18 Oct

+$139 Gain on sales of Mapletree Industrial

+$85 Unrealised positions improved

+$8,190 Total Returns as of 25 Oct

previous posting :- SRS - Closing status 18 Oct

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