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Monday, 18 November 2013

Is it possible to double your SRS funds?

Is it possible to double your SRS funds if invested carefully?  Goh Eng Yeow said “Yes” in his article on 17 Nov’13 in The Sunday Times titled “What l’m doing with my SRS funds”.  

He said, “…… I have already doubled the money which I have put into my SRS account, …..  As I examined my portfolio, I noticed that I had eight counters which were STI component stocks. There were another six STI counters which I sold off and had been unwilling to buy back because their share prices had shot up sharply after that. ………..Over the years, my faith had been amply rewarded by their strong dividend payouts and the big gains they made in their share prices. There is also a strong likelihood that they will continue to perform just as well in future. ….”

Goh Eng Yeow targets STI component stocks with eight STI counters remaining and have already divested six STI counters.   For simulation purpose,  l have built a quick Goh Eng Yeow-portfolio using only four STI stocks to get a rough idea whether it is possible to double your SRS funds.

From the portfolio it has amassed 1.94 times returns before dividends.   Inclusive of dividends, his SRS funds status definitely have doubled.

But stock market is a very dangerous ground as chances of wins almost equal to losses.  There are not just dolphins in the sea but sharks as well.  So, l am hoping readers to his Sunday article exercise much care in investing their SRS funds.


  1. Must have patience to wait for Fat Bear to double

    1. l think l am quite impatient so l will have a tougher investment journey to double

  2. he is probably high earning incomer too to be able to do that , and as stated in his article high incomers most probably benefit more .

    1. he said ".... I also try to make the maximum contribution of $12,750 to the SRS account every year to minimise my annual income tax....".

      So, l think even though he is high earning incomer, he is making lots of efforts trying to save enough cash to make maximum contribution into SRS funds.

  3. Looking back at STI Blue chips.

    Some Blue chips became Blue-black chips and got kick out.



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