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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Seller's remorse on JMH

At the opening bell of stock market today l have divested 40 shares in JMH 400US$ and l have estimated the nett gain to be around $44.  And now l realized l have divested it away at the lowest price of the day.  Its price has continue to rise.  l have given up the chance  for a $125 nett gain if l have waited and offloaded it 3 hours later.  

Will l suffer any seller’s remorse? 
Definitely no; for the following reasons :-

(1) A little bit of greed is okay; too much of it then one becomes a greedy pig; waiting to be slaughtered.

(2) l prefer letting the next person whom l passed the baton to, to also enjoy the joy of winnings.

(3) l can already re-use the proceeds for other investment opportunities. The stock market is like a big ocean, one will soon spot another fat juicy fish swimming by.


  1. There will always be "what if" scenario hahaha
    As long as you have a plan and exit strategy, there should be no regrets!
    Nobody wants to be the greedy pig who got slaughtered.

    1. Agreeing with you; especially on exit strategy.

  2. Money Honey,

    If I can sell at intraday high consistantly, that means I can also sell at 52 weeks high all the time. Which also mean I can sell at the cyclical top for each bull cycle.

    And that will mean either I am delusional or Master of the Universe?

    I've bought and sold at intraday highs and lows before (pure dumb luck). But my record shows the other 99% of the time I'm off the mark :(


    1. 99% of the time off the mark? l reckon you are just being modest here.

    2. I comfort myself I buy and sell at a certain zone ;)

      Less stress; less hard on myself.

  3. On point 2, whenever l have booked a profit l am thankful to the person who had passed the baton to me and letting me to enjoy some winnings. And when l have passed the baton to next person l too am hopeful that he or she will remember to book the profit at some point of time to enjoy the winnings too; as in the case of JMH today and not be too greedy.



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