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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Believing in yourself

In investing, you can go read all the materials to be as successful as Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Walter Schloss, and other gurus but you will still need to tailor your own investment strategies.  Your investment strategies probably seems "ugly" to others but that should not matter; so long as you are comfortable with it and able to book profits from it.

In anything you do it is important to believe in yourself.  Ignore the "bullies".  Just stay focused.

Just watched a nice video : link.


  1. Hee hee

    How does someone get bullied in his investment?

    Tio con likely.

  2. bullying comes in many forms ... in investment.
    One example, as you said, tio con. haha ...

    One other example, when people starts comparing their "superior" returns with one another.

    Mr A has investment returns of xxx%; Mr B has investment returns of xx%
    B will be "bullied" over and over again of his sub-par returns.

    1. Be a bully and compare yourself with the losers e.g. those losers in Blumont. LOL!

  3. i always think in life if you don't know who you are, you are already a goner. Who cares who you are except yourself?



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