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Thursday, 13 March 2014

365 Cancer Prevention Society

Donated $40 to 365 Cancer Prevention Society today.

365 Cancer Prevention Society (365CPS) is a society with approved Institution of Public Character (IPC) status, registered under Singapore’s National Council of Social Service.
Our mission is to serve the community through cancer prevention measures.  This is accomplished through health and nutrition education, promotion of healthy lifestyle and lymphatic detox exercise programs.  We also provide practical and emotional support and care for patients and their family members in their battle against cancer through residential and hospital visitations, counseling and therapy services.
As a non-profit organization, 365CPS depends on public donations to fund all its services and programs.

Services provided by the Society

Are you or is anyone in your family a cancer sufferer? Let 365 Cancer Prevention Society (CPS) offer you a helping hand and walk with you (or your loved ones) through the fierce battles of cancer! 365 CPS has a group of caring patient care officers and volunteers, including our cancer survivors who have fought through the tough battles. Our cancer survivors are more than willing to share their personal experiences and support you as you walk through your journey. Together with our volunteers, 365 CPS patient care officers pay frequent visits to our patients at home, hospitals, hospices and call regularly for an up-to-date understanding of our patients’ condition. During such visits and calls, we hope to provide emotional support, counseling and share necessary health advice such as making adjustments to diets, food and exercises to our patients and family members as they combat the battle victoriously.
There are many reasons why people have cancer. Emotional factors play an important role. Are you aware of this? An unhealthy emotional state does not only cause cancer, it also impedes a person’s recovery. If you were in a depressed or low emotional state, you are welcome to make an appointment with us to walk with you and assist you.

The treatment of cancer requires a long period of adjustment. For our cancer fighting friends who have long lived in a bustling city, what they need is not just some miracle medicine but the relaxation of their whole body and mind. Healthy happy tour is where our cancer-fighters gather together to enjoy fun and relaxing activities, it is a place where one regains self acceptance, build meaningful friendships in supporting each other throughout the journey of battling cancers. Our Society organizes a tour once every three months for our cancer fighters and those of you who are healthy to go outdoors or any natural sightseeing spots which helps to refresh our minds and body through joyful activities.
Fighting cancer is a lengthy war that entails a lot of toing and froing. It is not just our body, mind and heart that has to fight against the illness, our cancer sufferer friends have also faces many problems that arise in their daily lives.
On the one hand, there is the effect of the loss of income from one’s job with the onset of one’s illness. On the other hand, there is very high medical and treatment costs and added expenditure incurred for nutritious foods during treatment and recovery. Without financial aid especially for low income patients, it is easy for patient to lose hope or give up on him/herself due to financial difficulties and high expenses.

With the current resources that we have, financial aid is given to low income families to help cancer fighting patients in their basic needs such as food, transport, utilities etc. This is to reduce their financial burden as much as possible and encourage patients & family members to keep battling towards recovery. We look forward to greater assistance given to our cancer fighters in the future and it is our hope that with this little that we give, it will bring to our cancer fighters warmth in the road ahead.
Apart from the arteries and the veins, the lymphatic system is the third circulatory system in a human body. It has the role of being the collection depot of the toxins in a human body. It is also the largest transportation system of the wastes in the human body and the immune system to prevent illnesses. The lymphatic detox exercise includes the detox exercise and the detox dance. The aim is to help rid the body of toxins that have long accummulated in the lymphatic system and to regain physical health. 365 Cancer Prevention Society Lymphatic Exercise is currently organized islandwide in different parts of Singapore. If you are interested, kindly contact us.

The love lunch is a healthy and warm gathering. This is held every last Saturday of each month between 10 am and 1 pm. We gather together to enjoy healthy and delicious foods, exchange information about combating cancer and share details about our daily lives. At the same time, the Society also arranges for professional conventionally trained doctors, Chinese traditional medical practitioners, and nutritionists to share information on health issues. This benefits all the attendees and provides a platform to offer each other encouragement and support.
As is well known, chemotherapy is a common course employed by doctors in dealing with various cancers. However, the chemotherapy process does not kill only cancer cells. It also damages many normal cells and tissues and harms the body’s circulatory and immune system. Many cancer sufferer friends may appear to improve temporarily but then their condition will worsen again. Thus, at the same time that the treatment is proceeding, the cancer is still spreading. There is also an increased risk of complications occuring. The Society’s nutrition advice service will teach you, with wisdom, to use natural fruits and vegetables to recover your health. We do not just teach methods in preparing healthy delicious foods, we also, depending on the actual circumstances of the particular cancer sufferer friend, take healthy nutritious foods from our recipes and deliver them, free of charge, to the bedside of that cancer sufferer friend.

Learning is an on-going never-ending process. The concept of life-long learning is gaining more widespread endorsement. Apart from teaching how to combat cancer, the Society also places emphasis on the prevention of cancer. Thus, the Society organizes health seminars and courses every year to spread our message of health and to provide an excellent opportunity for life-long learning.
Having perused the various services provided by the Society, if you have any questions or wish to participate, you are welcome to contact us. For inquiry, please call +65 6337 3368.

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