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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Cash - Closing Status 4 April

Received the following dividends in this week for my Cash portfolio :-

$145.09 HPH Trust S$D
$113.60 Far East HTrust
$949.90 Asian Pay TV Trust
$135.00 Tee International
$52.40 Croesus Retail Trust

Divested away CDL Hospitality Trusts 2 lots at break-even in this week, as part of usual portoflio re-balancing.  For its 4Q13 results, net property income +2.5%; income available for distribution per unit +0.6%.  Income from acquisition growth in 2013 has mitigated the impact of the softer trading conditions experienced in Singapore.  Its healthy gearing puts it in good stead to capitalise on expansion opportunities as it continues to actively seek yield-accretive acquisition opportunities in the hospitality sector.  Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade, currently under AEI will be rebranded as "Claymore Link"; incremental rental income to be more than S$2.0 million on an annualized basis.

Reduced GRP Ltd 75 lots in this week for $349 nett gain as part of usual portfolio re-balancing; remaining 11 lots.  For its HY2014 financial results, revenue +5.7% with growth in all the three business divisions.  Strong demand in Hose & Marine and ramp up in orders from a middle east customer for its uPVC.   Administrative expenses -6.7%.  Profit 24.4%.  Free cash flow status at the moment.  Cannot understand reason(s) for not declaring any dividends with this set of good results.  The ex-President of REDAS, Mr Teo Tong How will be part of GRP's independent non-executive director and chairman of the board of directors.  Mr. Teo will add tremendous value to GRP due to his vast knowledge, experience and network in property development, and property investments.

Invested into OUE Hospitality Trust 1 lot in this week but have decided to divest it away in the same week after achieving the profit target set of $21 or 2.5%.    In its recent 4Q13 results, NPI +0.6% mainly driven by higher food & beverage revenue from banquet sales and corporate meetings which more than compensated for slightly lower room revenue compared to forecast.  Income available for distribution +2.3% higher due to higher NPI coupled with lower trust expenses incurred.  As at end 2013, it has completed the conversion of 26 guest rooms, increasing the number of guest rooms to 1,077. In addition, 32 guest rooms have been refurbished and these rooms have achieved room rates which are about 15% higher than the non-refurbished rooms.  The asset enhancement programme to renovate 430 guest rooms at Mandarin Orchard is funded by the Sponsor, and is expected to be completed in phases in 2014 and 2015. The refurbishment schedule will be tailored to minimize disruption to the normal service of the hotel so that the occupancy of the hotel will continue to be optimised.

Reduced Far East Hospitality Trust 1 lot at break-even in this week, as part of usual portoflio re-balancing; remaining balance at 7 lots.  In its 4Q13 results, NPI -2.4%, Income available for distribution -2.2% as industry challenges remained. Rental from serviced residences and excluded commercial premises exceeded Forecast and helped to mitigate the shortfall in master lease rental derived from hotels.  Following the acquisition of the Rendezvous Hotel Singapore on 1 August 2013, it has embarked on soft refurbishments of the reception area, lobby bar and club rooms to reposition it as an art-inspired hotel, in synchronisation with the character of the precinct. The refurbishments were completed and the hotel was re-launched in January 2014.  It will continue to optimise the value of its existing assets and try to improve their competitiveness by implementing asset enhancement initiatives in a holistic and progressive manner. For 2014, it has planned for renovations at The Elizabeth Hotel, Village Hotel Albert Court, Village Hotel Changi and Regency House.  As at 31 December 2013, 62% of its debt portfolio or all of its debt maturing beyond 2016, is locked in at fixed interest rates, providing for stability in a rising interest rate environment.

Invested into Saizen Reit 2 lots in this week as part of usual portfolio re-balancing.  In its 2Q14 results, NPI +3.3%, profit +15.6%.  Quarter-on-quarter, NPI remained stable.  Average occupancy rate at 90.6%.  With the onset of the major leasing season in the months of February to April, occupancy demand is expected to increase.  Distribution per unit dropped to 3.25 cents from 3.30 cents due to effect of unit consolidation completed on 8 Nov'13. Deloitte had been appointed in Dec’13 as an independent financial adviser to undertake a strategic review of options for enhancing unitholder’s value and it remains on-going.  Nearest loan maturity is in Feb 2018.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$3,276 Total Returns as of 28 March

+$1,396 Dividends from Croesus, HPH Trust, Far East HTrust, Asian Pay TV, Tee Intl

+$373 Nett gain on sales of GRP, Far East HTrust, OUE HTrust, CDL HTrust

+$332 Unrealised positions improved

+$5,377 Total Returns as of 4 April

Previous posting :- Cash - Closing Status 28 Mar

Remarks :- Profits locked in to-date $14,763 / year 2014 $3,271

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