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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Cash - Closing Status 23 May

Received the following dividends in this week for my Cash stock holdings :-

$160.00 SembCorp Marine
$24.00 Mun Siong
$123.96 Mapletree Greater China

Increased Tee International 1 lot as part of usual and active stock holdings re-balancing; total holding in it now at 35 lots.  It reported soft financial results for 3Q2014; revenue -29.5% due to lower recognition of revenue and profit -13% due to higher admin costs from the acquisition of Interlift Sales Pte Ltd.  It  proposed an issue of 2 warrants for every 5 shares issue (exercise price of S$0.25 per warrant)  to strengthen its capital base and support its expanding business activities.  Its Group Chief Executive, Mr Phua Chian Kin did five open market purchases - 110 lots (16 May), 100 lots (14 May), 100 lots (12 May), 210 lots (9 May), 65 lots (8 May) in current May month. 

Added GRP Ltd 40 lots in this week as part of usual and active stock holdings re-balancing; total holding now at 51 lots.  For its HY2014 financial results, revenue +5.7% with growth in all the three business divisions.  Strong demand in Hose & Marine and ramp up in orders from a middle east customer for its uPVC.   Administrative expenses -6.7%.  Profit 24.4%.  Free cash flow status at the moment.  Cannot understand reason(s) for not declaring any dividends with this set of good results.  The ex-President of REDAS, Mr Teo Tong How will be part of GRP's independent non-executive director and chairman of the board of directors.  Mr. Teo will add tremendous value to GRP due to his vast knowledge, experience and network in property development, and property investments.

Re-invested into Croesus Retail Trust 2 lots in this week as part of usual and active stock holdings re-balancing.  For its 3Q2014 results, NPI +12.3% and Income available for distribution per unit (SGD cents) +8.0% versus Forecast.  Higher NPI mainly due to better than expected tenant sales at Mallage Shobu.  Gearing 53.5%.  Majority lease expiry by gross rental income in FY2015 (21.5%) and FY2018 and beyond (67.5%).  NAV as of end Mar'14 at JPY 70.95 (SGD 0.87); friday close at $0.96.

Cash stock holdings walk since previous posting :-

+$7,928 Total Returns as of 16 May

+$308 Dividends from Mun Siong, SembCorp Marine, Mapltree Greater China

-$849 Unrealised positions worsened

+$7,386 Total Returns as of 23 May

Previous posting :- Cash - Closing Status 16 May

Remarks :- Profits locked in to-date $15,589 / year 2014 $4,096

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