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Monday, 11 August 2014

Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association

Donated $55 to Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association.

Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association
The Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) is a Voluntary Welfare Organisation set up in 1972 to work with the community and grassroots organisations to rein in the spread of drug and inhalant abuse and to work towards the vision of keeping Singapore drug-free. SANA is an approved charity with IPC status and cash donations to SANA are tax exempt.  

SANA is a member of the Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders (CARE) Network.  We also collaborate with civic and community bodies, corporate organisations and schools in our anti-drug programmes.

Significance of Logo
The SANA logo comprises two rings forming the letter 'S'.
The letter 'S' represents SANA and the red ring represents the caring community, while the grey ring represents drug abusers or potential victims of drug abuse.  The logo also underscores SANA's commitment in forging community support for recovering drug abusers and their families as we strive towards a drug-free Singapore.

Significance of Tagline
The tagline signifies the foundation needed to support our work towards achieving our vision: Towards a Drug-Free Singapore.

Our core work in Preventive Drug Education, Aftercare Counselling and Post-Aftercare Rehabilitation centres on connecting with the youth population, youths-at-risk and our clients with their families, as well as the community at large. The tagline features SANA’s corporate colours, red and grey, along with light blue that represents openness, approachability and a horizon of possibilities.

Mission Statement
To mobilise our community against drug abuse and strive towards a DRUG-FREE SINGAPORE.


Preventive Education
Preventive Drug Education (PDE) is essential for we strongly believe that information and education on the dangers and consequences of drug abuse is a critical pre-emptive step to counter potential drug abuse. Our PDE programmes are targeted at the youths in our community.

Aspire Camp is a one-day character-building camp that offers students (Primary 4 to 6) opportunities to build self-efficacy and teamwork and develop leadership skills; the curriculum includes an important component on the dangers of drug-abuse. SANA reaches out to approximately 500 young students through this programme.

The Anti-Drug and Inhalant Abuse Badge Scheme is a series of one-day courses aimed at students in the Uniform Groups. These students, upon completing their course, will act as Transfer Agents through advocating the dangers of drug and inhalant abuse to their schoolmates, peers and family members. The Badge Scheme is held during school holidays.  More than 7000 pupils participate in this programme annually.

SANA Neighbourhood Scheme was introduced in 1979 to tap on resources at the constituency level. Drug Abuse Prevention Committees (DAPCs) are part of the neighbourhood scheme and comprises grassroots leaders in the respective neighbourhoods. There are currently 18 DAPCs assisting SANA to spread the anti-drug message through exhibitions and talks. One of the outreach activity, Pledging to be Drug-Free is well-received in the heartlands. In December 2011, the DAPCs were grouped into six clusters for increased efficiency through shared resources and manpower, and to give more bite to their preventive outreach efforts on the ground.

The SANA Helpline provides information to the public on drug-abuse and offers support to recovering addicts and their families by request. Call us, toll-free, on 1800-733-4444 between 8.30 am and 6.00 pm Monday to Friday. Telephone recording will be activated outside these hours daily.

Aftercare services are provided to aid recovering addicts and their families in the difficult road to recovery and reintegration into society. The support and guidance offered to our clients (and their family members) during the Aftercare period are extended into Post-Aftercare.

Case Management Framework (CMF) is a holistic approach with an individualised service plan (ISP), and comprises 2 months of pre-release counseling (in-care phase) and aftercare assistance for 6 months.

Post Aftercare rehabilitation provides the second support network to sustain the recovery process and focusses on the former addict and his family as a unit going through the difficult times. The structured programmes in the rehabilitation process align with our holistic approach, and includes providing the timely and critical assistance to family members and aiding family-bonding through meaningful activities.

The Community Reintegration Programme (CRP), a pre-release programme initiated by Singapore Prison Services, aims to equip inmates with knowledge and skills that will help them to re-integrate and so ease their transition into society. This secular-based programme is targeted at areas deemed as obstacles to our clients’ reintegration efforts and employs the Choice therapy and Life Skills modules.

The Buddy Mentoring Programme is a volunteer driven programme that provides positive guidance, good role modelling and mentoring to our clients. This programme is offered to clients in need of guidance and mentoring over an extended period in the Post-Aftercare phase.

The Family Enrichment Programme (FEP) is targeted at current and ex-CMF clients and their families. It provides experiential learning through activities and workshops and helps build their confidence, enrich their social skills and problem-solving abilities and promote family bonding.

Volunteers are vital to the work of SANA. Coming from the community, they are able to understand and empathise with the needs and difficulties of our clients and their families.

Our volunteers come from all socio-economic and religious backgrounds – from students, working professionals and corporate, religious and community leaders to retired civil servants – and contribute invaluably to SANA’s programmes such as the SANA Helpline, religious counselling and mentoring as well as design, photography and hosting. 

Aside from traditional volunteerism, SANA has also benefitted from individuals and organisations offering their services pro-bono.

Recruitment & Training
New volunteers undergo an orientation that provides them with a clear view of SANA’s mission and objectives and introduces them to a range of volunteering opportunities available at SANA.

In the Basic Volunteer Training (BVT), volunteers are required to complete six modules that include counselling theories, working with youths, mentoring and crisis intervention.

Volunteers are also given opportunities to attend courses and workshops organised by external agencies.

Support and donations from donors and sponsors make a big difference in helping SANA build a better future for our clients and their families and a safer Singapore for all. In addition, SANA is constantly enhancing our own capabilities through sharing resources, skills and knowledge with our partners as well as developing new networks at home and abroad.

SANA’s main fund-raising events are the SANA Charity Golf and the All-Cash Donation Draw, both organised annually to raise funds to support our on-going anti-drug programmes  and expanding outreach. We also send out Appeal Letters.

Communications & Awareness
SANA engages the media to help create awareness of our programmes and how we are responding to the drug situation in Singapore.

The SANA News, our regular newsletter, keeps volunteers, members and our stakeholders abreast of our current programmes and activities.

2 Sengkang Square #05-01, Singapore 545025
Tel : 6732 1122 Fax : 6732 4564
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri : 8.30am - 6.00pm


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