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Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Aftermath (August 2014)

Lost $20k to clean up my stock holdings; it was really a huge loss. 

However it is an amount l should be able to part with it as well. 

Invest with money which you can afford to lose.  So, pressing the reset button is not really as difficult; as l have feared earlier.

171,069 Invested amount
151,374 Proceeds from divestment
-19,695 Realized losses
-11.5% Realized losses

It will take me 1.5 years to recover this $20k back. 

Move on.



  1. Why sell? Your portfolio looks good for the long term and is ok for recurring income and potential growth.

    1. I want to try to be less active. In doing so, l will need good dividend stocks.

      Need to clear away growth stocks from my holdings as in the next bear market these will not help to fill up my coffer.

      Can always re-invest into growth stocks during a depressed market.

  2. Replies
    1. Still have.

      More will added back soon.

      Tearing down current tent to build a stronger tent for the storm.

  3. Hi MH

    I thought you hv one portfolio under the permanent holdings? Is that your newly build up portfolio?

    1. That permanent stock holdings is for donations self funding purpose.

      It was set up not-for-profits purpose.

      All dividends collected will 100% be donated All away.

  4. Money Honey,

    I have to re-read your "About me" and "Myself" to be sure ;)

    I smiled broadly and happy for you.

    Your journey have reached the stage where you stopped telling little lies to yourself.

    If your portfolio is pretty much under-water when STI is around 3,300, then something is not right... Even if STI regains it's 52 weeks high at 3,400, I don't think your portfolio can breakeven...

    We don't invest for the purpose of "breaking-even" ;)

    1. Just need to be realistic about it. At times sacrifice is necessary in order to unlearn and re-learn.

  5. Hi MH,

    All the best on your renewal process. I guess your broker must love you very much because of the amount of activities from your account. LOL.


    1. If they are commission based then let's hope that my many investment activities bring some additional earnings to their paltry base pay.

      l prefer not keep the profits to myself. These people have family to feed too.

  6. Money lost is fine as long as some valuable lessons has been learnt. Money lost was not because of stocks portfolio clean up but rather wrong buying decision, glad that you are cutting your losses. It will take more than 1.5 year to recover back if you are investing into dividends stocks for the upcoming storm, seems like the logic isn't too right? Nevertheless I wish you the very best in your stock investing journey.

    1. Nope not really cutting losses; some of them are really small losses - Ascott Reit $157, Keppel Reit $192, Lee Metal $9, etc etc.

      The actual reason being base-lining my stock investments.

      Read :-

      l am trying to stay close to base lining concept. For a start, l have tweaked it a little.
      It was not a full 100% reset. l have kept some losses behind e.g. Starhub (paper loss $1430 in SRS); Saizen Reit (paper loss $171 in CPF) etc etc

      Must base-lining be a one year? Not really sure. Can it be a six months time frame? Let's see.



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