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Friday, 5 September 2014

AWARE - WE CAN! End Violence Against Women Campaign

Donated $50 to AWARE - WE CAN! End Violence Against Women Campaign.

'We Can End All Violence against Women' ('We Can' for short) is an international campaign that seeks to end gender-based violence. On March 8 2013, Singapore will become the 16th country to join the global campaign to building a broad social movement that challenges and changes the attitudes and beliefs that support and perpetuate violence.

Campaign Objectives
1. To create a fundamental shift in social attitudes and beliefs that support violence against women
2. To take a visible individual and collective stand on VAW within different sectors of the community using interpersonal communication, media events and our website as awareness-raising tools
3. To build a popular movement to end all violence against women

Campaign Strategies
1. The 'We Can' Campaign works with women, men, girls and boys in the community, at home, and at work to educate and inform them about the issues of VAW and gender equality. In this way we seek to prevent violence before it even starts.
2. 'We Can' works with the media to reach greater audiences and raise awareness of the campaign in all communities.
3. 'We Can' is implemented by a diverse coalition of organizations and individuals to mobilize large sectors of the community to take a stand against violence against women.


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