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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Permanent Stocks Holdings - 16 Sept

Within the $20k which l have set aside to self funding regular donations starting from 2015, the final stock is now added to the Permanent Stocks Holdings today :-

1 lot - Ascott Residence Trust


  1. Hi Money Honey, first time drop by your blog, just here to say HI! Looks like your main focus is on REITS! Much to learn for you as I am new to REITs

    1. Thanks for visiting.

      My focus is not really on Reits.

      This permanent stocks holdings is to set aside to self-fund my regular donations activities; starting from 2015.

      As it is meant for donations use so It is Not For Profit purpose. If one day l am out of my regular paying job then l can still keep up with my regular donations.

      And over at this link is my latest stocks holdings for profits :-

      As you can see from the table, 67.3% are Non Reits.

  2. Hi money honey.

    Your words bring me shame. Having a sustainable donation even when out of job, you sure is big hearted.

    I have regular monthly donation that adds up to a mere 100, and I even tell myself if I so bad luck to lose my job, I can just cancell the donations...

    Nice to know someone so kind. Keep it up. What are your charities u support.?


    1. When one is down on his luck and need to tighten his belt then l feel it's okay and nothing to be so ashame of to stop donating. It is not something mandatory that die die also must continue to donate.

      However, l do like to see more people in our local investing circle like Lee Chin Wai; not always thinking hard of making more money but start playing their part by giving back to society :-

      I do not focus on certain specific charities.
      Via, l reckon all are worthy donating to; and it can be performed in just a few clicks at the comfort of your home.

      When it comes to donation, it matters not the amount but your heart.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Donations come in many forms, cash and items in-kind. I do not drive a car and relying on public transport and l find donation in kind is too much trouble for me. But then again, charity organization like The Salvation Army already set up many donation in kind booth everywhere which are making it easier for everyone to donate to the less fortunate. All you need to do is pop in to the supermarkets and purchase the items (rice, clothing, etc etc) which you can immediately donating them away via The Salvation Army. I have done so and it saves me the hassle on transportation.

      The NKF saga and other misuse of charity funds have left many with deep scar in their trust on donations. But we should not let these noises from stopping us continuing our donations to those less fortunate. Just like investing, we should not let the market noises affecting our investment decisions.

    2. Deleted in error. Sorry Paul.

      Hi money honey, respect u a lot for ur kind heart. But in recent times with so much news regarding misuse of charity funds, do u see urself directly buying n donating the items urself, esp when u have more time on ur hands? , by Low Paul.



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