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Friday, 14 November 2014

Sanctuary House Ltd

Updating :-

Have a habit to check my personal email either bi-weekly or on a monthly basis and l have discovered that l have donated twice to Sanctuary House Ltd totaling to $100.  There was a transmission error so l thought an earlier attempt to donate via online failed and now l know it actually got processed successfully.  Both the so-called failed and successful donations happened on the same day within five minutes but the emails confirmations was sent to me on two separate days; l have checked the online statement from the bank and it showed as $50 each transactions in two separate days.  Really weird.


Donated $50 to Sanctuary House Ltd.

Who We Are
Since 2005 Sanctuary House has been providing foster care to children deprived of family care for various social reasons and providing support to families where children are at risk of being separated from their families.

We are a non-profit, grassroots organisation whose mission is to help children achieve safe, loving and stable care environments that will support their growth into healthy, caring and responsible members of the community.

What we do at Sanctuary House is rooted in seven Core Values, which make up the foundation of our organisation. Our purpose and perspective is what drives and motivates us to transform lives and give hope to those in our community.

Our Core Values
We value and encourage diverse cultures within the Sanctuary House family and the community we serve.

Everything that we do is centered on the best interest of the child.

We value the dignity of all human life.

We value teamwork.

We provide holistic service that brings hope and second chances to children in our community.

We believe in volunteerism and working through members of the community to help children in our community.

We proactively seek change and believe in leading others by example.

Our Vision & Mission
Our vision is that all children will grow up in nurturing families and supportive communities, such that the above statement will be true for them also.

Our mission is to help children achieve safe, loving and stable care environments that will support their growth into healthy, caring and responsible members of the community.

One of Many Helping Hands
Sanctuary House is part of a network of organizations that seek to safeguard the welfare of children in Singapore.  We partner with government agencies such as the Ministry of Social and Family Development and the Early Childhood Development Agency; hospitals, community partners such as family service centres, other voluntary welfare organisations.

Assessment, Information and Referral
Assessing the needs of persons in the community seeking help with various issues, providing information and linking them to appropriate services.

Casework & Counselling
Working intensively with birth parents to address the factors which precipitated out-of-home care, supporting them so as to prevent re-entry into care, and investigating options for permanency

Foster Care
Addressing the immediate need for care and shelter by providing out-of-home care in family-based environments

Social Capital Development
Engaging the community to develop its capacity to support children and, specifically, children in need.

Resource & Support
Providing material and social resources to support vulnerable families

Our Approach
Sanctuary House places children at the centre of its work, attending to their safety and welfare. We promote child development by focusing on children’s primary attachments.

The welfare of children is intimately tied to the welfare of their families.  Thus, to secure the welfare of needy young children, Sanctuary House works with individuals (typically, expectant mothers) and families in crisis, structurally disadvantaged ‘traditional’ families, fragile families and single parent families.

Sanctuary House works at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels:
•Raising awareness of developmental assets – individual, family and community attributes shown to improve outcomes for children – and approaches by which they can be cultivated.
•Providing temporary care and shelter to children in need of out-of-home care
•Helping at-risk families build capability and connect to resources so that they can provide for their children’s needs at home
•Providing temporary care and shelter to children in need of out-of-home care
•Addressing impediments to stable care arrangements
•Facilitating the development of long-term care solutions (e.g., reintegration, shared care, adoption)
•Engaging the community to support needy families.

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