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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Are you still sober?

Re-strategize is better done during boom time.  Many let profits run a little bit more; still not enough then let it run little bit further more, a little bit more, more and more.  You are in a party and the jubilant noise is intoxicating you. 

Also, during good times and tf you are getting a free riding, it is only right that you are sharing your profits with the financial blogger whom you are keeping tab of him or her very closely.  Do not go around bad mouthing the financial blogger when the buy and sell updates are not make known publicly in a timely manner or being done without the expected so-called justification to your liking. 

During a boom time and when you are still sober, make that investment re-strategy decision - cut losses, take some profits off the table, sector rotation, re-setting your stock holdings etc etc. 

I have seen many financial bloggers reviewing their stock holdings during the time of stock market downtrend or certain sector meltdown.  Should l sell now and saving a little of whatever is left on the paper profit? Should l cut loss now before the paper losses gets larger?  The fear factor ...

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