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Monday, 1 December 2014

Keppel Corp - catching a falling knife

Invested into 3 lots of Keppel Corpn using CPF and am staring at a paper losses of approx 1k now.

More likely plain stupidity?   haha ....


update @ 1 Dec 7:00 pm : confirmed buy orders using CPF at 4 lots  


  1. Hi MH,

    Usually I would ask what was my basis for investing in the stock.

    If the basis is still valid, then I would not think too much of the loss. Better to get off the Net, read a book or just take a walk outdoors.

    If the basis has changed, then I would simply cut. I would admit I was wrong and take the loss.

  2. Keppel Corpn is a good stock to invest in. I am not bother by the paper losses.

  3. It's a good stock but tie to shipping and O. & G.

    1. Its business segments

      65% - Offshore&Marine
      25% - Infrastructure
      10% - Property

      It has been in the shipping and O&G business for many years now so not to worry so much that it will sink.

  4. It's a BLUE CHIP but tie to shipping, + O & G. May be a long cycle depending on your MOS. Among the first few stocks I bought but never made much money as I was a green horn then. Sold too early But then I learned and made some money from SCI. Sold much more later then.
    Some one in this blog buy all the way to now. Boomtown for him lol!

    1. l am not that ambitious type.

      Anything above plain-vanilla bank savings rate (0.05%-0.80%) l will consider selling.

  5. Greed la not stupid.

    hope you have the stomach to be greedy when the time comes again.

    1. hahaha ...

      greed for buying into a stock when the the stock price drop as much as 4.89% or $0.44 in a single day?

      a better word for it is suicide.

      a better use for greed is when l wait; and wait; and wait for it to hit the lowest price in coming days or weeks.

      that's greed for sure.

  6. Don't think so. Stocks prices in the market tend to revert to it's means. The normal distribution curve +- 3 sigma is applicable most of the time; when no Black Swan suddenly appears.
    Of course, whatever it is, we all can't escape our emotions. Without emotions we are living zombbies. But to invest we have to manage our emotions well. If not can land at IMH or "Bankrupt Island".
    Some people just can't or shouldn't invest in stocks even if they have high IQ. Its the EQ that is going to kill them in the market.
    My 2 cents

    1. Agree on the emotion part; if you manage it well then you can plan your investment well.

  7. Wow, 4 lots. Thats a courage. i bought one lot only. haha. I believe your war chest is strong. Think apply dollar averaging better if its for long term investment. cheers

    1. not really a war chest; but from recycled funds.

      re-investment of proceeds from recent disposals.



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