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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Stock closing status 26 Dec

Overall status since various previous updates on 21 Nov.



  1. Hi Money Honey,

    Wow you keep high percentage of your portfolio in SRS. Sure you are enjoying the tax rebates well. I only started my SRS last year. Should have done it much earlier to enjoy the tax rebates. Blame it on my financial ignorance earlier on.

    Pertaining to your portfolio, seems your best buddy for the year is CMP through the sale of it…if I am not wrong? At the same time, you are holding little of it now?

    No more confidence to this counter? At its current yield and potentials, I am contemplating to buy more next year.

    By the way, I noted that my link is on your blogroll. May I add your website to my blogroll as well?

    Wish you Happy Snake Year in 2015.


    1. Rolf,
      Happy New Year to you.

      Both the amount in SRS and CPF cannot be taken out until reaching retirement age so my stock investing utilizing both of them will continue to rise.

      I did not really think much of the tax savings part on SRS but it is more of a form of forced savings to me. l will make sure to do a full contribution amount into it in January before temptation sets in to spend some of it away.

      In previous blog posting, someone just calling me a Casanova for dumping one girl for another or in stock investing term, it is known as stock holdings re-balancing. haha ...

      When l see a more beautiful girl (aka an investment opportunity) my knees go weak. l will let go of the current girlfriends (existing stock holdings) and start wooing the new one; and also for the purpose of building up deployable funds. So on CMP, l have to reluctantly letting it go after it went XD. By doing so, l can use the proceeds on CMP for other stock investment opportunities.

      CMP is definitely a company to invest in. Whilst other road toll players are bleeding badly it stands out as the fittest amongst all of them. So mark my word on CMP that l shall return to it one fine day.
      The stock market is full of beautiful girls so do not just stick to just one (for example, CMP). ...hoist the red lantern!

      l have added your blog into my reading list as l enjoy reading your postings. Do add mine to your blogroll if you want to, Thanks!

      Wishing You A Prosperous Year Ahead!

  2. Hi MH,

    Putting money in SRS as forced savings is a long term thinking. Maybe a better way than ILP *clap* *clap*. I think it’s possible to withdraw SRS any time, just that you had to pay back the tax rebate, pay a penalty (b4 retirement) and also depends on the time you made the withdrawals, its different tax.

    Let me guess who is that real Casanova who labels people one! Hahaha.. We all know who he is!

    I really like the analogy of investment to beautiful girls. So funny. So heartless to your investments when you ditched them! Haha! Be careful your knees will really weak (not beautiful girls) if your wife read it and make you kneel on durian skin. Haha Just kidding….

    As for CMP…. or the rest of the beauties, I have no more bullets now. I intend to keep more cash in 2015. Will possibly increase my O&G holdings. I am a dangerous guy you know, I like risk! Haha.

    On the contrary to being heartless to investments, you are so heartwarming to make constant donations! Another big *clap* & *hugs*... I am so guilty! The only ultimate meagre contribution (S$2 a month) I made is to NKF for the last 15 yrs. “Unfortunately” not enough for TT Durai's tap!

    I will make sure I donate more in 2015. New year resolution!!!

    For now, Wishing You A Prosperous Year Ahead!

    PS: Bloglink added. 

  3. Rolf, Thanks for your kind words.



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