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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

HealthServe Ltd

Donated $105 to HealthServe using dividends collected in my Permanent Stocks Holdings.

HealthServe is a non-profit community development organisation dedicated to serving the interests of the migrants, disadvantaged andpoor in the local community, regardless of ethnicity, gender, language and religion.

> Foster an open-learning community
> Respecting the local culture and resources of the community
> Be a launch pad in supporting volunteers towards social responsibility and service
> Serving the vulnerable and marginalised communities

> Medical aid and counselling through community clinics in Little India, Geylang and Jurong
> HIV/AIDS research, awareness and prevention especially for people exposed to high-risk infections
> Travel immunisation packages for educational institutions, overseas community services, churches and NGOs.

> To raise awareness, empathy and acceptance of the fringe and marginalised communities to reduce societal stigma
> To inspire and encourage students and adults to help marginalised people and reduce societal stigma through experiential and service learning programmes
> To train volunteers in healthcare issues
> To work with schools and academic institutions through research, experiential and service learning programmes and attachments
>To equip volunteers and the public in community development and health issues through family-life and health-related talks and programmes

> To provide health talks and screening in the dormitories
> To do research and intervention programmes on-site
> To conduct mobile clinics

Our service philosophy hopes to inspire kind exchanges and interactions between recipients and givers, meeting basic human needs with caring attention,and allowing for:
> Personal growth and fulfilment
> Reciprocity between the poor and the non-poor
> Respecting the best in the local community and the different cultures

Services - MEDICAL
>Travel immunisation
>Health Education

Besides providing subsidised primary health care for migrant workers, we have assisted over 200 workers with their work injury cases since 2009. A sizeable number of them have suffered fractures or torn ligaments while others have sustained finger or eye injuries at their work site. For many of these workers, the waiting period for their work injury compensation can take a few months or drag to over a year to be resolved. With no job and no income during this time, most of the workers are often left to fend for themselves. Our community workers follow up on their cases closely, accompanying the injured workers to the hospitals for checkups and medical assessments. We also have a pro-bono legal team to give advice when needed.

Services - YOUTH WORK

Service Learning
>To raise awareness, empathy and acceptance of vulnerable and marginalised communities in Singapore and beyond
>To inspire and involve students and adults through experiential and service learning programmes and thereby reduce social stigma
>To train volunteers in healthcare issues
>To develop a constructive approach towards community development

Youth Expedition Project (YEP)
The YEP supports young people who seek to embark on Community Service Learning projects with the objective of building self-confident volunteers who can identify needs and contribute to the community both at home and abroad. HealthServe supports the work of YEP and has provided immunisation, health screening, and country orientation to more than 200 youths for their overseas community projects.

Overseas Community Involvement Projects (OCIP)
HealthServe is currently working closely with a few NGOs in Batam - Indonesia, doing work in the villages scattered around the island. These villages form when internal migrants [Indonesians who have migrated from other parts of Indonesia to Batam to find work] who have lost jobs decide not to return to home. Having no means of livelihood, proper housing becomes a problem. These displaced people build houses on unoccupied land, using whatever materials they can scavenge - cardboard, plywood, metal scraps. When many houses come together, they organize themselves to form villages with loosely organized governing bodies. Despite the poor living conditions - sanitation issues, lack of clean water and electricity, the populations of such villages are growing with new villages springing up all over the island.  Various student groups from secondary and tertiary schools have gone to these villages on week-long expeditions to do small, impactful projects. The projects range from simple construction and refurbishment of the village community spaces to teaching the children Basic English.

Services - RESEARCH
HealthServe welcomes students from tertiary academic institutions, both locally and overseas, to carry out research on vulnerable groups, communities and social structures with us. The attachment stretches between 3 - 6 months, depending on the nature of the research project.


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