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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Focus on the Family Singapore

Donated $200 to Focus on the Family Singapore using dividends collected in my Permanent Stocks Holdings.

Focus on the Family Singapore Ltd is a local charity dedicated to helping families thrive. We exist to come alongside families with hope and help through the different stages of life’s journey. Focus reaches out to individuals through family life education programs and resources, including needy families, inmates, at-risk youth and children. Each year, about half of our budget is met through outright donations from individuals and organizations. Your giving will help us to carry on this crucial work. Families are at stake. The next generation hangs in the balance.

Help families thrive at different stages and phases of life. PROMOTE - strong families through transformational family life education for the everyday family.  PARTNER - like-minded individuals and organizations to nurture and support families through programs, resources and counseling.  PROTECT - the institution of family by being the trusted voice through research and media placements. 

We believe that being a parent is one of the most exciting and rewarding journeys in life. With our hectic schedules and dynamic local culture, parenting has never been more challenging. Whether you’re a brand new parent struggling with diapers and sleepless nights or wrestling with your teenager, you could probably use some advice and support based on years of thorough research and experience.

Laying the foundations of a fruitful, lifelong marriage goes way beyond the wedding day. Knowing what to expect after you say “I do” and learning how to handle ‘for better or for worse’ can lead to a much smoother lifetime adventure of love and romance. We currently run programs for those seriously considering entering into matrimony or seeking ways to strengthen their marriage.

One of the biggest struggles faced by working professionals is to excel at work without compromising personal relationships. Enabling staff to achieve greater work-life integration is critical in helping organizations adapt to the changing times and increasing productivity while doing less. Above these management concerns, work-life is ultimately a personal issue – about making personal choices.

Relationships & Sexuality
Hitting adolescence can be an exceptionally challenging time. In addition to newfound freedom and responsibilities, relationships start to emerge as a big part of life. Setting clear guidelines and learning how to manage them can be tricky. We strive to help young people make meaningful and lasting relationships while equipping them with the skills they need when it comes to understanding and interacting with their peers.

At Focus on the Family, we believe that everyone has a voice and it deserves to be heard. We understand that life can be overwhelming, especially when juggling work and family. Likewise, relationships can also get strained when there are issues that are seemingly impossible to be resolved. We offer hope and effective solutions through sound counselling for individuals, married couples and families.  In addition to having our counsellors support and advice, you may tap into our vast resources on self-development and growth in all areas of your life.  Counselling is available by appointment only at our office on weekdays and Saturday. Appointment must be made at least 2 workings days in advance. A regular counselling session is approximately 1-1.5hours.

9 Bishan Place
#08-03 Junction 8 Office Tower
Singapore 579837

Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm (except public holidays)
Telephone: +65 6336 1444

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