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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Waterways Watch Society

Donated $200 to Waterways Watch Society using dividends collected in my Permanent Stocks Holdings.

Our History

The clean-up of six rivers and canals, namely the Singapore River, Kallang River, Geylang River, Whampoa River, Pelton Canal and Rochor Canal took place some ten years ago (1977-1987). It removed the major sources of pollution which include farm waste, sewage, illegal disposal of waste water from street hawkers, vegetable wholesalers and industries.

Although the rivers and canals are now relatively clean, problems such as littering and illegal disposal of waste still exists. Current measures to curb these problems include the installation of vertical gratings at drain outlets, placing float booms at strategic locations along the waterways and outsourcing cleaning contractors on motorized boats. Despite these measures, the problem of pollution still persists and steadily increases.

The best way of stopping pollution is at its source. But such sources of pollution are land-based and widespread which includes areas such as HDB estates, food establishments, wet markets, bin centres, trade premises and commercial buildings. It would require extensive operations to comb the island to identify these sources of pollution.

Obviously, our government cannot do this alone. We can help by forming partnerships with the community to identify such sources of pollution and propose solutions to stop it. WWS believes it can add value in this regard through its environmental education and awareness activities.

Target Groups

    - Water sport bodies such as wake-boarding and scuba-diving associations, yacht, sailing and angling clubs
    -  Outdoor adventure clubs
    -  Private sector (especially businesses located along the waterways)
    -  Grass-roots organizations (Citizens’ Consultative Committees,Community Development Councils, Resident Committees)
    -  Primary & secondary schools, junior colleges, Singapore, Republic, Temasek, Ngee Ann and Nanyang Polytechnics, SMU, NUS and NTU, and also the Institute of Technical Education (ITE)
    -  Green volunteers
    -  Green groups and NGOs
    -  Any other interested groups (local or foreign)

Our Mission

    “If we lack the knowledge to keep water pure, then it makes sense to control those factors that we know cause problems with water and to protect nature… Water is integral to supporting and maintaining life on this planet as it moderates the climate, creates growth and shapes the living substance of all Earth’s creatures. It is the tide of life itself, the sacred source.”

– David Suzuki, The Sacred Balance

A special, independent volunteer group, bringing people together to love our waters and to inspire stewardship for our environment.

Goal 1: Aligning our beliefs
Zero waste belief and Zero carbon footprint belief

Goal 2: Our school programmes
To be the Number 1 provider for Environmental Education programmes and
100% students to go through environmental awareness programmes by 2020 (via WWS or other similar programmes)

Goal 3: Our corporate relationships
Having at least 2 repeat programmes with existing corporations till 2020 and Getting 20 new corporations per year till 2020

Three Core Principles – I.S.O.

Problems and solutions to water and environmental issues are inter-related so our efforts must be holistic and broad-based.

Our efforts must be geared towards long-term water and environmental goals that bring benefit to future generations.

We must build a personal stake in water and environmental issues, only then will we be committed to improving our situation.


Waterways Watch Society
Kallang: 4876 Beach Road Singapore 199587
Punggol: Sentul Crescent Road, Singapore 822313

+65 9684-0893
+65 9638 1758

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