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Sunday, 17 July 2016

National Kidney Foundation

Donated $180 to National Kidney Foundation - LifeDrops Programme using dividends collected in my Permanent Stocks Holdings.

A little can make a big difference - NKF LifeDrops Programme

As the largest kidney foundation in Singapore, NKF promotes kidney transplant and provides quality, highly subsidised dialysis treatment and holistic care. We also encourage and empower the community to take charge of their health through education and prevention of kidney disease.

Giving Life & Hope through affordable, sustainable & quality renal care and education & prevention of kidney disease in partnership with the community.

Education and prevention
Aside from providing dialysis treatment, NKF also focuses on kidney disease education and prevention, against as diabetes and hypertension, which are leading causes of kidney failure.

The Schools Outreach Programme teaches children about kidney functions, kidney failure, and how kidney patients cope with this chronic condition. The program includes visits to the Kidney Discovery Centre at NKF’s headquarters; school assembly talks, and health booths at schools; and the Kidney Health Education Bus, which has health screening stations.

The Little Champs and Young Champs Programmes aim to strengthen students’ leadership abilities and inspire them to make a difference to the community and in the lives of kidney patients.

‘Healthy Mondays’ is a programme for adults. Introduced to organisations and corporations, it consists of health talks, health screenings and exercises to nurture healthy lifestyles for employees.

NKF also works with local media, healthcare and social agencies, grass-roots organisations, and institutions to disseminate health messages.

Notable Programmes
Besides providing dialysis, NKF has instituted patient welfare programs, helping patients cope with illness, aiding them with re-integrating into society, as well as supporting their families.

Patient Employment Rehabilitation Programme
In November 2015, NKF launched the Patient Employment Rehabilitation Programme, to match jobless patients with suitable jobs, and hire some patients as staff.

Kidney Live Donor Support Programme
In 2009, the Kidney Live Donor Support Programme was launched to provide financial assistance for needy live donors to ensure that costs is not an obstacle for the donor’s long-term medical follow-up.

NKF partners with the Ministry of Health, other healthcare providers and the community, to increase awareness of kidney disease and prevention, promote kidney transplantation, and encourage home dialysis and to improve dialysis care.

Patients / General Enquiries

National Kidney Foundation
81 Kim Keat Road
Singapore 328836
Phone: (65) 6299 0200
Fax: (65) 6299 3164

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