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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Viriya Community Services

Donated $80 to Viriya Community Services using dividends collected in my Permanent Stocks Holdings.

Viriya Community Services (VCS) is a charitable organization that provides community and social services to low income families in Singapore.

Caring for you with compassion and concern.

Viriya Community Services aims to bring joy and enhance the quality of life by providing care and assistance to families and individuals in need of support regardless of race and religion.

Our Values
Teamwork and collaboration
Creating a competitive edge and achieving social impact through harmonious collective actions with other colleagues and partners, harnessing on individual strengths and talents.

Respecting individual rights and dignity of all and exhibiting through respectful attitude, behaviours and thinking.

Acting with integrity and displaying high moral standards at all times.

Focusing on solutions, not problems, seeking improvements and achieving positive impact on our people.

Taking ownership
Having initiative and assuming responsibility in making positive differences to our people and the community.

VCS Programmes and Services :-

Viriya Care Fund
Viriya Children's Education Fund
Viriya Gap Fund
Whispering Hearts Infant & Child Care Centre Whispering Hearts Student Care Centre


Viriya Family Service Centre Whispering Hearts Family Service Centre

My Centre @ Moulmein


LHCST-NKF Dialysis Centre Viriya MediAssist Fund
Viriya Children's Medical Fund
Viriya-KK Children's Hospital HomeCare Programme
Viriya Elderly Medical Fund

Management Committee
VCS is governed by a management committee  comprising individuals who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of individuals in the community. They have experience in the social service sector, ranging from 3 to over 20 years.  The management committee oversees and approves the formulation of the Society’s strategic objectives and directions and sets values and standards of the organisation. It also reviews the Society’s activities, adequacy of internal controls, financial reporting and compliance and management and operational performance.

VCS values the education, well-being and growth of children. Apart from providing quality services to the children under its care through child care and after school care services, VCS keeps the less fortunate in mind by ensuring that vacancies are set aside for clients from low-income backgrounds.

Whispering Hearts Infant and Child Care Centre (WHICC) provides a safe and conducive child care environment for children from 18 months to 6 years old. Through academic programmes such as Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Discovery and Creative Arts, the children build strong foundations for their educational journey.

Additionally, discussion sessions on current issues and reading programmes help to stimulate the natural curiosity of children.  The children in WHICC also learn to be independent and take charge of their own personal matters such as hygiene. Children are encouraged to perform simple tasks such  as eating by themselves, dressing themselves, as well as setting up and putting away beddings for nap times.

Holistic growth of the children is encouraged through educational outings and celebrations. VCS also actively sends our teachers for career development and upgrading courses. Some of the courses that they currently attend include the Bachelor of Early Childhood and Chinese Language at UniSIM, as well as the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (International) by Deakin University, under SEED Institute.

Whispering Hearts Student Care Centre (WHSCC) provides enriching and responsible before and after school care services for students aged 7 to 14 years old.  A holistic programme has been put in place to strengthen both the academic and  character development of the students.  Students are encouraged to pursue their interests through activities from five different learning  domains  structured  to  nurture  all-roundedness. WHSCC works with various community partners to expose the children to  activities and outings that broaden their horizons. Celebrations for the various festivals in Singapore were held for the children to experience and learn about the multi-cultural society in Singapore.

Viriya's Children's Education Fund (VCEF) motivates children under the care of VCS to strive for improvement in their academic pursuits. All children in any VCS programmes can apply for these funds.  The funds, given out at the end of every year, are an acknowledgement and reward for academic success and improvements achieved by the children.

Dreams was established in 2004 as a drop-in centre for youths.  Under Dreams, Project New Leaf and Teens Action Project were started to help and support youths to achieve their potential and steer away from negative influences.  In 2015, VCS took care of 50 youths in total.  The youths received help in  the form of mentoring sessions, casework and counselling sessions, as well as guidance from professional social workers to better themselves.

Project New  Leaf (PNL) provides wayward youths who need a second chance to lead a positive life through educational or vocational pursuits. Through PNL, volunteer doctors help to remove stigmatising tattoos from visible parts of their bodies.
Professional social workers conduct casework and counselling sessions for the youths as well as guide them towards positive contributions to the society by encouraging participation in community services.

Teens Action Project (TAP) youth workers work with troubled youths from 13 to 18 years old through mentoring sessions, interest groups, and group work.  NTU volunteers help to run weekly mentoring sessions as well as outings and  activities for TAP youths.  In 2015, 4 group work sessions were also conducted for the youths by TAP youth workers. The sessions addressed issues pertaining to relationships, sex and communication.

With the rapidly aging population in Singapore, VCS makes it a point to reach out to the elderly in the neighbourhood.  My Centre @ Moulmein (MCM) engages the elderly residents in Moulmein and Whampoa South Constituencies.  In 2015, 382 elderly were registered with MCM.  113 members were actively involved in MCM activities every month.  Activities at MCM are divided into three categories:- 
Collaborative Programmes: Regular leisure and recreational activities are provided for residents to foster social engagement and community bonding by partnering with schools, hospitals and our stakeholders.
Active Hearts Programmes: Aimed at promoting physical well-being of the elderly by encouraging proper physical care and maintenance of health and physical finesse.
Active Minds Programmes: Provide group activities for the elderly to stimulate their minds and maintain their mental wellness in the company of friends through fun.

VCS supports families in the community through two family service centres (FSCs) located in Jurong West and Potong Pasir respectively. Through integrated services of casework, group work and community work, the FSCs help families work towards independence, resilience and stability.  Both FSCs engage in outreach efforts with community partners to better serve the residents.

Viriya Family Service Centre
Viriya Family Service Centre (VFSC) serves residents from about 8,000 households from Potong Pasir and Joo Seng with the current staff strength of 15. Apart from information and referrals as well as casework and counselling services, VFSC also offered programmes including holiday programmes for children, block parties and talks for seniors, as well as outings and events for young and old.

Through Character First and Citi-SECDC Moneywise Matched Savings Programme (Moneywise), VFSC offered interactive learning experiences to the children.  Scenario-based and hands-on activities were employed in Moneywise to teach children the importance of handling money and finances responsibly.  In Character First, trained volunteers from City Developments Limited imparted moral values in children through interactive learning sessions.  The sessions focused on motivating and guiding children in developing positive character traits.

Whispering Hearts Family Service Centre (WHFSC) serves residents from about 30,000 households within Boon Lay, Nanyang and Pioneer constituencies.  In 2015, WHFSC went through expansion and cyclical maintenance to accommodate the increasing caseload and a bigger staff team.  WHFSC was one of the first four FSCs to implement the Code of Social Work Practice.

Over the years, VCS has established funds and community-based services to help families and individuals afflicted with medical ailments.  Apart from providing financial support, VCS partner hospitals to ensure that our beneficiaries receive the care that they need while staying in the community.  More than financial assistance, VCS is well aware of the need to provide other mental and emotional forms of support to beneficiaries and their families.  All medical funds are supported by professional services from VCS social workers.

VCS established the Viriya-KK Children's Hospital HomeCare Programme in partnership with KK Women’s and Children's Hospital (KKH) since February 2004.  The programme provides chronically ill children and their family with financial, community and emotional support.  With medical expertise and care from KKH, caregivers are enabled to provide quality medical care for the children in the comforts of their own home.  Children in need of essential medical assistance and treatment at home are also provided with medical equipment funded by VCS, relieving their financial stress.

LHCST-NKF Dialysis Centre continues to finance haemodialysis treatment to kidney patients with the committed support of VCS.
The centre also goes the extra mile to provide rehabilitative facilities for the patients, promoting maintenance of their physical well-being.

Viriya's Children's Medical Fund (VCMF) was established in 2010 to help families with children requiring long term medical attention. Surplus from operations of WHSCC are channelled into the fund. Apart from financial assistance, VCMF social workers also offer professional support for the caregivers.

Viriya Elderly Medical Fund (VEMF) social workers partner eldercare agencies and hospitals to support elderly afflicted with medical conditions and are staying in the community.  VEMF provides elderly beneficiaries with financial assistance to cope with medical expenses such as transport, TCM treatment and other consumables and also to meet their daily basic needs.  Social workers also provide case management services to the beneficiaries as well as provide them with social support.  Financial assistance was disbursed in four gatherings which were coupled with other activities and outings.  In particular, volunteers brought clients on an outing to the Singapore Zoological Garden. As many of the elderly were on wheelchairs, volunteers assisted caregivers in ensuring that the elderly had a smooth experience.  During the December disbursement event, VEMF social workers and volunteers also threw a Christmas party for the beneficiaries. They relived memories from photos of Singapore in the earlier days and played group games.

Contact :
72 Shrewsbury Road Singapore 307837
Tel: 6256 1311 Fax: 6251 7797

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