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Sunday, 18 June 2017

EN Community Services Society

Donated $200 to EN Community Services Society using dividends collected in my Permanent Stocks Holdings.

Imagine a child who have been abused by his father over a period of time and does not know where to get help. He does badly for his exams but his family does not earn enough to let him have tuition. He is often bullied in school. His mother who is handicapped is also verbally and emotionally abused by his father but puts up with it as she feels guilty for not being able to do much housework, thus having a messy home. She was also taught from young that wives should not go against husband. Even if she wants to seek help, she does not know who to go to. Her husband is also unaware that what he is doing is wrong as that was how he and his siblings were brought up and they were never allowed to complain. He looks up to his father and treats his wife exactly how his father treated his mother as that should be the proper way. This father actually loves his family but has to work hard to support his family and therefore have no time to be with them. Yet, the rare times he spends with them would end up in frustrations due to inability to communicate, thus more abuses.

In this case, social services usually help by giving financial aids, by reporting the abuse and bullying. That is only part of what we do at ECSS as we believe prevention is better than cure.

Now imagine if the parents have been educated on how to discipline their children, on the consequences of abuses on every individual. Imagine the mother and son know where to seek help. Imagine if the teachers are trained to check for signs of abuse on the child. Imagine if the family has regular family outings and learn how to communicate effectively. Imagine there are people who can help with the child's homework and classmates looking out for him so that he will not get bullied. Imagine a group of people who comes to clean up the house with the family.

This is what we do at ECSS. We educate and advocate so that we can create Happy Homes.

Every Home A Happy Home. We have presented community services programmes, using different approaches to support our needy individuals and families.

Our scope of services include:
  • Promoting Holistic Active Elderly Lifestyle
  • Engaging After School Hours Student Programme
  • Create Impacting Family Life Education
  • Plan and Organise Multiple Community Services Projects

Engage, Enable and Enrich Every Individual for the Community

 1. Core Curriculum Activity (Tritouch Club - CCA)
To instil an interest for community work in secondary school students, who conduct home visitations and learn fundraising skills.

2. TriLove Student Care
Before and after school care for North View Primary School students, with subsidies for needy families.

3. After School Enrichment
A school-based scheme for at-risk youths with behavioural issues.

4. TriLove Elder @ Tampines North CC
Catered for lonely elderly people, especially those living near Tampines North CC.

5. Family Life Education
Providing holistic parenting workshops/seminars for parents and youths centric programmes for students.

ECSS Volunteers
ECSS strongly believes in forging tripartite relationship: ECSS-VOLUNTEER-CLIENT (Beneficiary)

Our pool of caring volunteers are committed in their assigned tasks. They are important ECSS community partners, serving our clients:
•Engaging themselves in programmes and activities

•Enabling others through collaborations

•Enriching lives through learning opportunities

ECSS volunteers are well-trained and equipped with relevant skills to serve the community. Most of them build meaningful relationships with our clients through our various programmes and activities.
ECSS strongly believes that volunteers truly make a difference in the lives of the community as they are ENGAGERS, ENABLERS AND ENRICHERS!

Currently, we have a total of 140 registered volunteers, comprising of both students and adults. They are mainly involved in the children, youth and elderly programmes.

Counselling Services
ECSS believes that every individual is unique, endowed with personal strengths and abilities. Counselling in the helping profession is very powerful, as it is targeted to meet the needs of clients, protecting their confidentiality in a safe environment.

In the past 10 years, we were engaged with “Step up” and “Enhanced Step Up” programmes, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) to serve the youth-at-risk in schools. 

At ECSS, we also believe and promote individual growth and self-development, and therefore we have also developed an in-house counselling programme for our staff and volunteers to serve better to the community. 

Our scope of work is focussed to engage clients; integrating the elements of family life and self-development. 

The setting is mostly individual and group, both formal and informal. The different and multiple approaches used, enable clients to explore alternative solutions to resolve their problems. Most importantly, clients are able to be self-helped. 

Our counselling programme has now been extended to support us in ECSS after school care programme (ie student care programme), school drop-in programme and elderly programme. 

Address: 2 Kallang Avenue #06-14 CT HUB Singapore 339407
Main Line: +65-67886625
Main Email:

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