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Monday, 3 July 2017

Beautiful People SG Ltd

Donated $200 to Beautiful People SG Ltd using dividends collected in my Permanent Stocks Holdings.

One loving family: Every dream a possibility

To be a platform for building mentoring relationships that change lives.

The objectives and purposes of Beautiful  People are:

(a)    To catalyse and build a volunteer movement for personal transformation and social  change, through building relationships between members of the society with those on the margins.

(b)    To build mentoring relationships that enable and empower mentee beneficiaries to discover their fullest potential, and thrive even as they make important life transitions.

(c)    To contribute to the less fortunate by providing opportunities for volunteers and mentee beneficiaries to do community service together, either locally or overseas, as a way of paying it forward.

(f)    To provide an effective support system for volunteers by: i) developing hard skills through training and continuous development programmes; and ii) nurturing a community of supportive relationships. The aim is to inculcate a sense of empowerment and belonging among the volunteers and mentee beneficiaries by cultivating a spirit of love, respect for self and others, gratitude and contribution so they can live purposeful, productive and dignified lives.

(g)    To collaborate and partner with mission aligned companies and other social welfare organisations in building volunteering communities in support of our mentee beneficiaries, which may include sharing our expertise with other social welfare organisations through consultancy work.

Programmes & Activities

My Beautiful Life
As a volunteer movement invested in the empowerment of dreams through mentoring, most of our efforts are focused on building relationships with our mentees, whether through structured programmes or other events. Our flagship programme ‘My Beautiful Life’ runs on a fortnightly basis at our partner homes, AG Home, Gracehaven, Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls and The Tent.
Number of mentees:
AG Home 17
Gracehaven 9
The Tent 11

Baby Reader
What started out as an early literacy programme had evolved into a support group for our mentee mums in their parenting journey. Our frst batch of mentor mums and mentee mums continued to support one another, exchanging experiences and parenting tips through their WhatsApp group and at gatherings.
Number of families served: 16

Free For Good
In August 2014 we launched a pre-release mentoring programme with a group of inmates at Changi Women’s Prison.  The programme called Free For Good provided a platform for the inmates and their volunteer mentors to explore the concept of freedom and what it means to live a life that is truly free. For the inmates who were all released by January 2015 their reintegration into society meant putting into practice the programme learnings, especially in building resilience and care of themselves in a healthy and intentional way. For the volunteers the after-care of inmates is the start of their “real” life journey together and a test of their relationships.  2015 was a year of exploration for the volunteers as they learnt what makes the inmates stay strong and out of prison.
Number of mentees: 13

Beautiful People engages the teenage girls in Community Involvement Projects (CIP) both locally and overseas as part of the mentoring programme. The purpose being to help them pay it forward by contributing to those who are less advantaged and also to learn to appreciate their life and be grateful for what they have.

Befriending elderly residing at rental flats in Pipit Road: 50
Programme for children at Pertapis Children’s Home: 20
Agape Orphanage in Batam (fortnightly) : 21

Good Work
Our second run of Good Work! started with selection interviews in late September 2015 and the cohort graduated on 9 January 2016. It was the frst time Beautiful People has run a programme for both boys and girls.  Combining on-site coaching, life-skills training, and support from mentors,

the youths went through a 10-week work trial. The experience helped them gain self-confdence, and also to learn more about themselves and their direction in life. This programme is funded by Club21 and Mastercard – Purchase with a Purpose, and co-organised with Lakeside Family Service Centre and Good Company Pte Ltd.
Number of mentees: 26

The Beautiful People Family
Beautiful People Family events provide a community-based platform for Big and Little Sisters to connect, bringing together everyone across homes and programmes. They emphasise our focus on relationships that transcends the programme and are instrumental in building the Beautiful People spirit and identity – a family coming together as one.

The two anchor events of 2015 were the Family Camp from 30 to 31 May, culminating with the Family Day on 31 May 2015, as well as the Dream Visioning on 21 November 2015.

Volunteer Management & Development
Other than the core programmes which ran on a regular basis, we also had specifc corporate gatherings and volunteer recruitment and training events.

Contact :-
Ms Phyllis Ng
Beautiful People SG Ltd
  63480480

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