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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Once bitten twice shy?

I have a very bad and silly habit of entering buy and sell order in a rush just because of in a great hurry to move on to the next task in hand.  This already happened to me before, during  Cash closing status 23 Mar.  I am not as lucky as a prominent local investor, Dr Michael Leong whereby his incorrect purchase was a blessing in disguise. 

My mistake this time round is on 2nd Chance.  Instead of placing a buy order it was executed as a sell order.  There was a pop-up trade confirmation on the sell order and l did not read it carefully!!!  If it is an incorrect buy order then at least l can still get to keep it.  But for an incorrect sell order then this is really illegal.  I have bought it back within the same day at a loss of $322.


  1. Once bitten, Twice Shy, Third Time Silly Me ?

  2. Third time? l hope not. Scary to think of it really.



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