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Sunday, 21 October 2012

SRS - a quick snapshot 19 Oct

A quick overview on my SRS portfolio :-

I am happy with the performance of SRS portfolio so far.   Total realized amount improved to $2,523 (2011 : $1,982) which is a realized amount of $252 per month (2011 : $165). 

Never mind the gloomy economy and political situations globally at the moment, I will continue to seek out worthy companies to invest in for my SRS portfolio.  As my preference is to have a mixture of investing based on fundamental and trading so there is always opportunity in bull, bear, choppy and sideways markets.

Perhaps next week there is opportunity to look for good candidate companies to invest in using my SRS funds.  In a weak stock market, share price will be under pressure but l reckon l will still have the courage to continue with my investment and divestment plans.

Investing into a fundamentally strong company which has moderate to good dividend payout seems sensible enough.  So, l will not really bother when its share price tanked further when l have already committed my SRS funds into this fundamentally strong and good dividend yield company.

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