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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Cash - Closing Status 22 Feb

Invested into GRP 2 lots and Sin Ghee Huat 2 lots under Cash portfolio this week.  The invested amounts were small as l was toying with the idea of investing into many stock counters to spread out risks and returns.  But in the end fear got the better of me because of markets struggling with resistance levels a few times so l have sold them all away in the same week. Another investing lesson for me here to remember whereby if and when l am able to have better control over it then l can actually leverage from it for a stable or higher yield.     

GRP posted an unexciting but fairly stable results at half time.  The only exciting element is the proposed $0.05 ($0.01 + special $0.04) total interim dividends.  This is because in each calendar year, GRP is paying an annual dividends of $0.02.  At half time, revenue and gross profit margin were almost flat vs the previous year.  There is no update on its 12.7% shareholding in Aphrodite Gold company but a quick visit to ASX is showing positive news in it.  Operating cashflow for GRP at half time is positive but lower vs last year.  There is no borrowings.  Will re-invest into GRP when its share price weakens.

Sin Ghee Huat posted an unexciting and slightly weaker results at half time.  It pays dividends only once in a year, in Nov month and it is quite stable at around $0.02 and at current price of $0.28 then this represents a 7.1% annual dividend yield.  At half time, revenue and gross profit margin were lower vs the previous year. This is due to lower margin from "project orders" in quarter 1; but in quarter 2 gross profit margin is back to normal at around 23%,  Operating cashflow for Sin Ghee Huat at half time is positive and higher vs last year.  There is no borrowings.  Will re-invest into Sin Ghee Huat when its share price weakens.

I have added SGX 1 lot into my Cash portfolio this week.  Its half time results were unexciting but this is a blue chip company so there is no worry of collapse even when the markets conditions suddenly turn topsy turvy.  It offer a genereous and stable dividend income stream.

Portrtfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$2,286 Total Returns as of 15 Feb

+$14 Gain on sales of GRP and Sin Ghee Huat

-$387 Unrealised positions worsened

+$1,913 Total Returns as of 22 Feb

previous posting :-  Cash - Closing Status 15 Feb

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