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Saturday, 23 February 2013

SRS - Closing Status 22 Feb

Divested IHH 8 lots in this week under SRS portfolio for a profit of $166.  As it is a growth stock so l did not apply an exit selling price target to it.  Sky is the limit on profit for other investors on growth stock but not for me.  There should not be any regret of letting it go when a growth stock move to higher price level as there will be another chance to re-invest into it.  To me, if it is already in profit position then l can already letting it go; and hoping to re-entering in it when its price weakens.

Also divested Sheng Siong 16 lots this week from my SRS portfolio after bought into it just a week ago. Strong full year results released this week, as expected by many analysts and investors.  What is important to me is its dividends, just in case l am stuck with it if the stock market suddenly turned into a super bear.  The divestment profit of $330 is slightly higher than its dividend of $280 (16 lots x dividend rate $0.0175).  It is going XD on 3 May and dividend payment will be on 23 May so l have already collected its dividend way in advance from its XD date. If its price weakens again then l might re-entering a position in it so let's see.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$5,296 Total Returns as of 15 Feb

+$496 Gain on sales of Sheng Siong and IHH

-$265 Unrealised positions worsened

+$5,527 Total Returns as of 22 Feb

previous posting :- SRS - Closing status 15 Feb

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