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Sunday, 3 February 2013

CPF - Closing Status 1 Feb

I have SingPost 11 lots in my CPF portfolio and l have sold it all away this week.  Unfortunately, l have entered my sell order as 12 lots hence l have oversold by 1 lot.   I am now faced with a possible $1k penalty charge on my overselling position which will wipe out the $184 nett gain on the 11 lots sold.  This SingPost 11 lots was purchased in Oct'10 and now that it is already in profitable position so l have decided to sell it all away.  SingPost will XD on 7 Feb and for 11 lots l will get $138 dividends (11 lots x $0.0125) if l hold on to it till then.  But l have decided to collect this dividend in advance when l have sold it all away for a nett gain of $184. 

In this week l have also sold away Capitaland 3 lots under my CPF portfolio for a nett gain of $412.  This 3 lots holding was purchased back in Nov'10; l have remaining 1 lot which was purchased in Aug'08.  Capitaland is expected to release  its full year results around mid Feb'13 and is likely to increase its total dividends rates as almost all its subsidiary companies have already reported higher revenue and profit.  Two weeks ago l have invested into Capitaland for 3 lots and sold it away for a nett gain of $536.  The total nett gain $948 ($412 + $536) is easily more than two times its annual dividend amount on 3 lots of shares.  l will not re-invest into it based on friday's closing share price at $3.98 as there is possibility that l would be stuck with this investment at this price level.   A price level of $3.70 and below will be ideal for me to re-invest into Capitaland.      

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

-$5,268 Total Returns as of 18 Jan

+$596 Nett gain of sales of Capitaland and SingPost

+$445 Unrealised positions improved

-$4,227 Total Returns as of 1 Feb

previous journal :- CPF - Closing Status 18 Jan

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