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Saturday, 2 February 2013

SRS - Closing Status 1 Feb

For my SRS portfolio this week, l have sold away City Developments 2 lots for a nett gain of $163.  This nett profit could have been much higher (around 4-5 times more) if l have sold it off in 1-2 days later.  l am not cut into investing in growth stock yet as l realized that l have not mastered the art of being more patient.

My oldest stock holding under SRS portfolio is SGX 1 lot, which l have invested into it in May'11.  Annual dividend yield is around 3.5% so it is a pretty good stock to own.  As the stock is already in profit position so l have decided to sell it away for a nett gain of $38.  Will re-invest into it again when its share price weakens.

When l invested into Sing Investments 7 lots two weeks ago l have actually wanted to keep it for its annual dividend yield of around 5%.  But this week l have sold it all away for a nett gain of $71 because l reckon l have tied up a huge sum of funds into a company which pays dividends only once in each year.  Ideally l would prefer such big amount of investment to be put to work in a much harder cycle of investments and re-investments for a higher returns.  I will re-invest into Sing Inv but this will be limited to 1-2 lots as passive income.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$5,196 Total Returns as of 25 Jan

+$272 Gain on sales of City Developments, SGX and Sing Investments

+$52 Unrealised positions improved

+$5,519 Total Returns as of 1 Feb

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