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Saturday, 9 February 2013

CPF - Closing Status 8 Feb

The buyin on SingPost 1lot happened on 4 Feb at $1.22 and the price range on that day was $1.20-$1.21; so buyin price is not part of the price range for the day.
Luckily the $1k penalty charge is waived.  Applying the oversold 1lot cost of $1310.66 against the the proceed of $1215.79 so l ended up with a nett loss of $94.87.  Oh man, this is really a waste of my money.  Any take away lesson?  I was hoping that silly mistake like this one on SingPost whereby l have entered an incorrect selling quantity can be avoided but l am just like a magnet attracting all these unwelcome silly mistakes every now and then.

For my CPF portfolio this week l have bought Ascott Reit 7 lots.  l see huge growth potential in Ascott Reit.  As Europe economy is still in shambles, it is making use of this time frame to do some asset enhancements works there. I have recently invested into Ascott Reit under SRS portfolio but l have sold it all away within the same week as l have seen a consistent huge sell volume at $1.42 price level back then and l do not know the reason behind it.  In the immediate following Monday Ascott announced that there is a private placement to raise funds for growth opportunities; the private placement was successful at a discount price at $1.305.  Innocent and normal (retail) investor will not have access info to this private placement at a discount price.  Take away lesson is that there have been a consistent sell volume at a particular selling price level before and after Ascott announced a good set of financial results and declared a higher dividend rate so, something is really amiss and hence there is need to be on constant alert and not be overly relying on fundamentals or charts.       

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

-$4,227 Total Returns as of 1 Feb

-$95 Nett loss on oversold SingPost

-$272 Unrealised positions worsened

-$4,594 Total Returns as of 8 Feb

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