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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cash - Closing Status 1 Mar

In this week for my Cash portfolio l have made several investments and divestments, as listed below :-
Assuming that SGX's next dividends rate is at $0.04 for XD around 30 April then based on my 1 lot holding in it then the expected dividend amount is $40.  In this week l have sold it away for a profit of $61 so it is as good as l have collected its dividends in advance.  

Invested into GLP (Global Logistic Properties) 1 lot but as it is a growth stock so l have eyed an exit selling price for a returns which is better than bank deposit interest rate.  I have sold it away within the same week for a profit of $36 (1.3% yield).  On the next day, Government of Singapore Investment Corp. (GIC) reduced its stake in GLP to 37% from 49%.  This is part of GIC rebalancing of its holdings so l reckon there is really nothing fundamentally wrong with GLP. 

CDW reported a strong set of results this week to end full year on Revenue +13.5% and Profit +143.1%.  In this week l have invested in CDW 22 lots.  A higher final dividend rate of $0.007 has been declared which is likely to XD on 3 May (tentative announcement on 3 Apr).  If l am stuck with it in a bear market then based on my investment cost in it and historical total dividend in past calendar years (2006-2012), l am expect a range of dividend of around 2% - 6%.  I am attracted to its current dividend of $0.007  but l must remember that CDW is likely to turn in lower revenue and profit in FY 2013 so l do not wish to holding on to it for a longer period of time.  I do hope to be able to divest it all away soon.

Singapore Shipping Corp (Sp Ship) announced a set of soft results for Qtr 3 on 4 Feb. but its share price was not badly affected by it. As of 9M2013 its revenue was flat at +2% and profit +42.3% (because of successful insurance claim).  l will not expect Sp Ship to report a profitable Qtr 4 looking at the costs and expenses which are escalating. At full time, l do expect revenue to continue staying at flat growth rate; and profit to stay almost the same growth rate as in 9M2013.  For this week l have invested into Sp Ship 10 lots.  It pays dividends only once in a year and have been quite stable at $0.01 which is 4.24% yield based on my invested costs in it.

Added GRP 10 lots in this week. At half time, revenue was flat +1.0% and profit +17.1%.  GRP declared an interim dividend of $0.05 ($0.01 + special $0.04).  Its XD date in not known yet.  And if it maintain final dividend at $0.01 then dividend yield will be 17.6% based on my investment cost in it.

Also in this week l have bought into Duty Free International 2 lots. Atlan Holding is Duty Free shareholder at 81%.  Malaysian billionaire, Vincent Tan has deemed interest in Duty Free via his holding in Berjaya Group which is controlling 25% of Atlan Holding.  Its 9M2013 results have been good though could have been better if not for the increases in certain expenses categories.  Using 3Q2012 running rate Duty Free should be able to hold its financials growth rates in 9M2013 at full time.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$1,913 Total Returns as of 22 Feb

+$97 Gain on sales of SGX and GLP

-$986 Unrealised positions worsened

+$1,024 Total Returns as of 1 Mar

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